Notre Dame On Fire

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-Talbot- | 18:21 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | News
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//the fliappancy and half-witted ness of the less endowed members of the AB community//

I think the many admirers of the Polymath Polyglot should note that statement.

This person really does need a short term ban imo, he is well out of order.
For pity's sake, Peter, give it a rest. I wrote the following re another thread you cluttered up with your witterings, but it bears repeating.

Peter - did you write your essays at Gonville and Caius in the 'amusing' gobbledegook you invariably use on AB? I'm sure not: you wouldn't have lasted long.
It really is tedious and unfunny, and for an obviously intelligent bloke with interesting and knowledgable things to say, you do yourself no favours writing in this way.
You could start by trying proper sentences with capital letters at the beginning - you might find you like it, and that more people take notice of what you have to say.
And please stop implying that everyone on AB is stupid or doesn't understand foreign languages, you're not the only one here who went to university.

He went to Uni,
Are you sure?
Re "well-endowed". I concede I'm not AB's biggest ***k.
DTCwordfan; "why aren't they using choppers.............?" Apparently they tweeted that use of water bombing the cathedral "could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the building."
Ladybirder; I think you'll find that the photographs of inside the cathedral the DM have used are stock photos and will have been taken by agencies. The DM will have merely borrowed them.
There is a report of one fireman being seriously injured and if that's true (just the one, that is) we have to be thankful for small mercies. It is, after all, only a building which, with time, money and dedication, can probably be rebuilt.
I don't care who took them or when they were taken, just fabulous to see Ken. So glad the DM printed them.
Oh and thank you for bringing this post back on track.
It's a beautiful building and a real loss. I had never been to France at all until last December. My husband knows Paris quite well and took me to see the sights. I'd read a reasonable amount about Notre Dame and its architectural achievement before, but I remember being amazed by seeing its beauty in person. As it was late December they had a huge Christmas diorama thing in the middle. I was really saddened by this news. I truly hope it can be rescued but the damage looked very serious.
Notre Dame was a stunning building to visit, so sad this has happened.

But hopefully if it's just the timber it can be rebuilt. One billionaire has already put a bucket load in to the fund.
2 billionaires now. One has thrown in 100 million euros, the other, 200 million.

At least it'll be off to a good start.
Macron has pledged to rebuild it but sadly the ancient structure destroyed can only be replaced with modern. The news reports elicited a tear or three from me last night. Such a cruel scar on Paris, a city I love.
Very sad. Why do some find PP amusing, he comes across as a blithering idiot.
The city I love?

Saint-Denis, the tomb of the Carolingian kings, and today a Muslim enclave.

To quote Douglas Murray if Charles Martel woke up now he'd say "I thought I'd won, but obviously not".
I know. :o(
//Why do some find PP amusing, he comes across as a blithering idiot//

Not an idiot. Knows a lot and is very interesting when he's telling you things you didn't know.

But, like many highly intelligent people, he disdains those less intelligent than himself (i.e. just about everybody) and who disagree with him.

An avid googler.
Strange that there has not been an official announcement such as, "We are ruling out the possibility of a terrorist attack".
Give them time to look AOG.

But, as there were restoration works going on and something like 80% of fires in this sort of building are caused during repair it's most likely down to that. A spark (or flames if roof work) can lie hidden smouldering away until it takes hold. With 1000 year old timbers they are well dried out and it just rips through them.
Seems like they are in fact treating it as an accident at this early stage.

This from today's latest Daily Mail report.

/// Authorities currently treating blaze as a tragic accident caused by a 'stray flame' and not arson or terrorism ///

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