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spathiphyllum | 16:47 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | News
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It seems lord sugar doesn't realise that the reason he had a council house when he was younger was because of socialists ideology.. :S


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How the thread went...

Corbyn : Let's run our railways for passengers not profiteers.

Sugar: Shut up you Communist idiot . People like
made the railways work and are good for the UK economy and create jobs. Your stupid idea to nationalise will take us back 50 years . Can't you get this idiot out

unojen_wood: Put a bit more water with it next time. It is not a good look drunk tweeting and calling people names, especially when you don't actually know the difference between a socialist and a communist.
It's because a caring society tries to find ways all can have a roof over their head. Ideally wages should always be enough to shelter, clothe, and feed your family, but where there is unemployment, or employers taking advantage of folk desperate for a job and underpaying them, then providing housing at less than the commercial market rent value is a stop gap solution.
"...then providing housing at less than the commercial market rent value is a stop gap solution."

The trouble is, OG, that far from being a "stop gap solution", for many the idea of living in premises where the rent is highly subsidised (or for many on Housing Benefit, is completely subsidised) endures for their entire life.
System needs tweaking. (But maybe some are underpaid all their life and can't afford necessities.) Bigger issue are those who refuse to move when their fortunes improve.
The initiative to build council houses was introduced under Lloyd George's premiership. He was a Liberal.

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