A Bit Of Good News For A Change.

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Canary42 | 22:15 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | News
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Dog rescued at sea.

Some nice pics of the lucky doggy (although how he ended up in the sea is possibly not so lucky).
Pity it's so far away - I'd give him a home any day.

The look on his face when the vet is examining him is priceless - worth a caption competition. Give it a go folks.


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What a gorgeous lad. I hope he finds his owners, or a forever home.
Caption, Ooh I love having a manicure.

A lovely dog, glad he is alright. Hope they can reunite him, or find him a loving home.
Lucky dog , he says 'khob khun krab'.
Oh love him. I hope he has a decent future ahead of him. Kisses Boonrod. xx
What a remarkable rescue. Second one in a month. Does anyone remember the dog rescued from an ice floe in Thunder Bay.? Like this dog it was a complete mystery as to how it got there. I like stories like these.
Very lucky dog, thought it was cats that had nine lives!
I don't want pink I want glitter x( it's a lovely story )
Yes this is a nice story Andres but I'm not sure I like them. I need to know how the dogs ended up there. Has something sinister happened to them?
Ohhhhh what a gorgeous dog!
Oh my what a lovely dog. Be safe now little fella xx
Aawww what a lovely story. Hope he is reunited with his owners or finds a forever home. I would have him in a heartbeat.

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A Bit Of Good News For A Change.

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