Has H Got A Point Here?

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ToraToraTora | 09:12 Tue 16th Apr 2019 | News
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Are we creating a generation of square eyed Zombie snowflakes?


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I'm not sure about banning.

However time may well be coming where these games need to be licence or approved. Games deliberately designed to prey on addiction clearly should be banned or told to change the game-play so that it isn't.
Nah. Harry has inherited the bonkers gene from Charles.
People said the same thing about public libraries, the Movies, Radio and more recently television.
It is just another form of entertainment, and some people will like it to excess, but most won’t.
The idea of a ban is preposterous.. If we are looking for something pointless, a waste of time, and which serves no purpose, we should ban the Duke of Sussex.
I'll second you on that last sentence Gromit.
if people aren't addicted to fortnite it'll be GTA5, Call of Duty or meth.
my point is.. there will always just be something else.. you can't ban everything.
The problem is Spath, games can be created with the intent of beng addictive. Addiction is a big problem for people caught up in it be it gambling, drinking drugs or whatever.

As with other things that are addictive there needs to be some control from those out to exploit the vulnerable.

I dont recall anyone claiming GTA5 was over addictive anymore than a normal game is. It was more the content the pious objected too.

Shame there is not GTA6 yet !!
Having never played Fortnite I can only speak as a player (not so much of late) of PC games, knowing the controversy they've attracted in the past.

"Where is the benefit of having it in your household?" What's the benefit of anything you enjoy ? Why not ban all hobbies and leisure pursuits ?

Folk can get 'addicted', it's up to them to limit time spent on one thing to ensure other activities aren't neglected. And studies have shown that emotions and excitement during the game fade after a while once leaving the game, and do not affect one's general attitude in the real world.

I suspect he's fallen for the myth of how harmful games are supposed to be, and is worrying unnecessarily; and making the further mistake of publicly announcing his view.

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Has H Got A Point Here?

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