Notre Dame On Fire

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-Talbot- | 18:21 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | News
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Oh no!!! How? Why?
Oh, what a shame!
BBC news.
The cause is not yet clear, but officials say it could be linked to renovation work.
Oh, that's dreadful.
Hope they get it under control quickly I'd hate to see that iconic building go.
I hope they manage to bring it under control :(
some AB wag is gonna one-line - - Notre Flame !
anway here - warning - frog-talk ( er that means in a jocular sense that the voice overs are French )
Terrible, I hope everyone there is safe & they can limit the damage.
Me awful and such an icon...I loved it there...
Notre Flame - Quasimodo would be turning in his does a cathedral go up in flames?
hey does anyone remember one of our number insisting that French news wasnt true unless it was on the Beeb? - and others agreeing?

priddy quig - the French announced the news at 1830
Uppark ( not a cathedral in France ) went up in flames when workmen turned out for a cuppa and didnt turn off their flame lampy things

they saw the fire engines as they cuppa'd on the lorn and said to each other - oo er whats that?

Big insurance law case about it - the insurers looked at the bill (eek) and said basically - they wernt paying for that .....
It’s absolutely engulfed in flames.
guess it's the roof?

Is this a sign from God that Monsieur Macron is out of order as to Brexit?

Liberté, égalité, brulé
just saw it on the news looks like total destruction, so sad to see that, total disaster been there myself.
The fire and resulting water damage is going to be horrendous.
That’s devastating, it’s a beautiful building.
Very sad at the sight, watching live on BBC.
you naughty boy DTC
in terms of gothic architecture, Notre dame is the creme de la creme - brulee.

that should be 'goffic' innit - reminds me of York and the Rose window looks in danger .....

Lovely building been there a couple of times, really hope they can save it.

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Notre Dame On Fire

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