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How Best Answers Work On The AnswerBank

15:30 Thu 26th Jan 2012 |


Welcome to the AnswerBank's guide to "Best Answers". This guide will offer you insight into the way "Best Answers" work on The AnswerBank. We intend to add pictures and video to this page in time.

Mark As Best Answer FAQ

Who chooses the Best Answer in a question?

A "Best Answer" is chosen by the original questioner.

What is the Benefit of Best Answers?

The selected answer will be linked to from a pod immediately below the question, making it easy to find the most salient answers on a long thread. 


I'm not sure what answer to "Mark as Best Answer" - all the answers are good!

A few things to think about are: which answer most directly answers your question? Which answer would most likely help a new-comer to the site, or subject?


[Editorial Note: There is more to come!]

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