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Any discussion that is scientifically led is acceptable, whether it is about physics or a conspiracy theory.

Whilst discussions and debates are encouraged, The AnswerBank reserves the right to remove answers that are deliberately misleading, e.g. by implying that a statement is a scientific theory or law when it is not, especially when such answers may impact personal health choices.

The AnswerBank makes no claim regarding the scientific accuracy of any post (question or answer) made by a member.

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Anybody here heard recent news or theories about this? Conspiracists welcome.
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What is the difference between a ballistic missile and a cruise missile?     Thank you
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I consider myself not too bad at maths but I cannot grasp dual numbers. In wikipedia it says they are expressions of the form a+bε (ε is greek Epsilon), a and b are real numbers and ε is a symbol... ...
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How to solve the Diophantine equation $a^{2n}+b^2=c^{2n}$, where $n>1$ ^ $a,b,c\ne0$?

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