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The AnswerBank Tutorial

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AB Editor | 13:15 Tue 07th Dec 2010 | Site Suggestions
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The AnswerBank is a community question and answer site. Ask any question, from the academic to the trivial, and receive answers from real people.

We have put together a simple tutorial to help you get started. Find everything from how to register all the way to posting.


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Getting Started

First things first, if you have not already done so, you will need to register an account with The AnswerBank .

From the front page, simply click register and fill out the required information to create an account.

A quick tip for first time users, try to use an online alias rather than your full name or a portmanteau combining your first and last names. We have a number of users who register with their full names and then request to have their account details changed. Once you have entered this information you will be sent a validation email. Open the email up and click on the long link to validate your account. Once this is complete, you will be able to log into The AnswerBank with your chosen username and password.
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Signing into The AnswerBank

Once registered, signing in could not be easier. Simply enter your username and password into the sign-in tab then press login. For maximum security, we suggest that you sign out each time you use The AnswerBank, however, there are a number of internet browsers that enable you to remain logged in so that you don’t forget your details. It is entirely down to personal preference, but a simple rule of thumb to go by is that if no one else is going to use your computer you can assume it will be safe to remain logged in. If, however, you share a computer at home or at work, it is advised that you do not allow the browser to remember your login details.
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Posting Guidelines

To post a question, select the most relevant category from the menu on the left side of the screen and enter a title and the body of your question in boxes provided. Once you are happy with the content of your question and have checked for any spelling mistakes, simply press submit to post your question.

To post an answer to your own or somebody else’s question, go to the thread you want to reply to and simply click on the box below the question. Once you are happy with your answer check for any mistakes and click on submit to answer the question.
Please ensure that all of your posts adhere to our Site Rules.
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User Profile

Once you have registered with The AnswerBank you will gain access to your profile page. The profile page contains your personal information, question and answer counts and your AnswerBank join date. Your personal details can be changed by clicking the “Edit my Profile” button at any time.

You will also find that the profile page allows you browse all questions and answers you have posted with us. This information can be accessed by clicking the tabs located just below the profile box. Here, you can browse by threads that you have been involved in and even your subscribed questions.
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Subscribing to questions

Do you want to keep track of a question that you didn’t ask? Simply click “Subscribe to Question” located below the body of the question text. Now you will be able to view this question from your profile page, eliminating the need to trawl through historic questions to find what you are after. You will also receive email updates each time that question gets a new response. If you want to unsubscribe to a question, simply go back to the question concerned and click “unsubscribe” where the “subscribe” button used to be.
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Hundreds of thousands of questions have been asked in The AnswerBank over the years, and the majority of them are still very useful today. If you want to search The AnswerBank for something, or just need to check if a question you want to ask has already been covered, enter your search term into “Search In The AnswerBank”. Once you have clicked “Search” you will be provided with a number of results from our pages. These can be filtered by questions, answers and articles.
Uploading an avatar

Please see the below article for information on how to upload an avatar:

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