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AB Editor | 16:07 Tue 07th Dec 2010 | Site Suggestions
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Below you'll find the updated AnswerBank Site Rules, enjoy!


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1. Treat others as you would like to be treated and respect other people’s opinions. Discussions can get passionate but users should moderate their language and refrain from personal attacks and profanity. We encourage lively debate but name-calling, harassment or abuse will not be tolerated.

2. Any instances of members referring to other members as anything but their preferred names, preferred prefixes, or preferred pronouns will be removed. Repeated offences will result in suspensions.

3. Please refrain from adding emphasis in CAPITAL LETTERS as this indicates shouting and is considered rude.

4. Do not post any personal information belonging to you or others including full name, address or phone number as it can easily be misused by others. We strongly advise you against posting links to personal photographs.

5. Do not post any material that is defamatory, obscene, unlawful, threatening, in breach of copyright or otherwise objectionable. Links to objectionable websites on these grounds are also prohibited. Usernames and avatars should not be offensive or obscene.

6. Do not post material that discriminates on grounds of race, gender, age, religion or sexuality nor link to websites that do so.

7. Avoid posting questions and answers more than once in the same or multiple categories. They take up room from other posts and will be deleted.

8. Do not abuse the AnswerBank’s registration procedures and attempt to acquire multiple usernames, unless approved by an editor. These usernames will be banned immediately. Signing up with a disposable or throwaway email address is also against Site Rules because these email addresses are often abused and not used by legitimate members as they provide no way to reset your password or otherwise verify your account.

9. Users attempting to spam or "troll" the website will have their account terminated.

10. Take care when discussing mature topics. Keep in mind that under 18’s view and contribute to the website. Posts that are sexually explicit will be removed.

11. Any posts asking or discussing why a post or thread was removed or closed, or why a member was banned or suspended, will be removed.

12. The AnswerBank is a general knowledge exchange and is not to be used to market, sell or promote any product, service, project or organisation.
Question Author
13. Any instances of unsolicited advertising or marketing will be removed, along with the users’ account.

14. Please report any post you feel goes against any of the Site Rules and Terms of Use. The post will be brought to the attention of the AB Editor and be considered for removal.

15. The reporting function should only be used when a legitimate breach of the Site Rules has occurred. Please refrain from reporting someone just because they disagree with you. Abuse of our reporting facility will result in your account being terminated.

16. The AnswerBank reserves the right to remove any post that does not relate to the topic being discussed or that we feel violate our Site Rules and Terms of Use. The AnswerBank also reserves the right to remove any false, misleading, unhelpful or irrelevant information, especially in the Law, Body & Soul and Science categories.

17. Any instances of members recommending other members to download an AdBlock for use on The AnswerBank will be removed.

18. The role of the AnswerBank Editor is to maintain the quality of the website content. It is not to get involved in personal disputes between users.

19. Due to the high volume of posts, all editorial decisions are final, and discussion relating to the removal or editing of posts will not be entered into by the AB Editor.

20. If you wish to leave The AnswerBank, it is at the Editor's discretion whether or not your posts will also be removed.

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