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queenofmean | 21:01 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good Evening and welcome to MOFC here at Queenies Quay. We had to relocate from Nungate Towers in the spring. The Moat Flooded and the Towers were deemed unsafe.

Staff remains relatively unchanged, however Igor refused to leave the towers and I believe he remains there. We still have Chubb master of the keys, Greengrass the Gardner (last seen tending to the giant Maze), Scoff still works in the kitchen he married Soo (said she was a Sous Chef at some high flying place, didn’t ask too many questions);Dyson the cleaner and everyone else. Igors replacement is the chainless Rahul his ‘eengleesh’ needs improvement so if you feel you can help feel free. Sir Cumference the resident ghost is about - last seen pretending to be a coat hanger in the Cloakroom.

Anyway...we have here at QQ a giant Maze, Rose Garden, Race Track, a massive beach looking over the Firth into the Northern Night, we have a smaller lake with pedalos should you wish to not take the Jet Skis out into the open water. Life Jackets MUST be worn. We are setting up a Bungee once we get the tower finished and can locate better elastic.

Feel free to roam around the premises, we have the dining room straight ahead past the central staircase - where you will find a massive Chinese Banquet and the usual Volly Vents and Horses Doovers. Pudding Trolley is petit fours. Off the dining room we have the great hall, where the ‘Tone Deafs’ and the Minstrels took up immediate residency - they will be playing their own versions of popular 70’s and 80’s hits they may do requests.

We have the usual vestibule (under stairs) we have a games room, library, cinema room (currently showing Episodes of Hawaii 5-0), we have a gym with a pool (heated) and sauna and there is a ballroom should anyone wish to partake in bit of dancing.
Tailcock this evening is the Mermaids Tail - not sure if there’s an actual tail but be cautious- a light brew made with local Gin.

Rofl will be held which I have donated
1 Dan Brown book, read good, broken spine
One Sock Pink clean
Listerine mouthwash opened, unused

Hope you have a great evening, Carriages at midnight


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hic..burp...s'cuse me..slurp... c'mon Tone let's try them jet thingy me sparkly on...had a safety pin..that should do the trick....
slurp.... burp..... slurp...c'mon then, minty. Lets go over to the floating pontoon ( I've got a stash hidden on it).
Question Author
Will do the Rofl soon and then I’m retiring to the library if anyone cares to join.
stash ? ..c'mon drive ..hic.. I'll hang on... where's that bucket ?... slurp..
Well, I'll join you after we get back from the jet ski thingy, queenie. Maybe sometime if I have to rescue minty again!
Question Author
No worries...Splosh the life guard should be in the hut at the side of the shore.
Ra Ra ! Ra Ra ! I need a robe...sparkly is on the way to North Queensferry.... Tone is hanging on to the jet doodah...he'll need a was a seal ah tell ya..just popped up and bang....good job I did the 200 yards swimming badge in the brownies... but drookit..will need a few buckets to warm me up.. robe bits are turning blue !!
Question Author
Right...has everyone got a ticket for the Rofl?

Winning Number Cerise

Winning colours
Question Author
Warm fleecy towel ok Minty
Yeah, I found the 'Recipe' and I got the old still going again, minty. I gave the first bottle to that gamekeeper bloke Fred to try out. The doc says that his eye site should return in around six months time'I can't understand it I watered it down to 175% proof.

Psssst have you got a fiver to bribe Splosh with.
slurp hic ...ah that's better..think I'll stick to this fish tail stuff..slurp..nice innit ? hic
Question Author
[i] I’ve five pound coins that ok [i]
WOO HOO, lucky lucky me, I've won two left socks ans some sparkling bath salts.
Yeah, five pound coins will be fine.
you've got to give a a ..hic..little love...ah them rolly boys were good...oops..tie up this robe again..any more vollys ? .....
humph. Kingy still has me cloak from way back when.
Igor still owes me a back-scratch
as for the ballroom, why does Tonyav and 'is kilt spring to mind?

Lovely to see to MOFC back xx
Long time since I was here are the cocktails still good?
Albs ! here have a volly...tony quick..hic..have a slurp o' this fishy's no' reeeely alcol ..acloh....strong...slurp..nice...hic
why does Tonyav and 'is kilt spring to mind?

Oi ah wench I've had some ( fishing ) weights sewn into the hem so that it doesn't fly up now, that sporran has got a mind of it's own though.
Question Author
I got the battery and my book back..good job I’m not finished!

I’m hoping to do it once a month Alba, or twice if I can squeeze it in

As always TonyV...this one is made with Gin that’s made literally over the road.

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