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nungate | 20:04 Sat 27th Apr 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hello again all you Mad Over Fifties, once again the doors of Nungate Towers have been opened to welcome you all for another meeting of AB's Over Fifties.
Tonight's hot plate special will be a delicious tarragon chicken casserole, with a variety of side dishes, creamy mash, boiled rice, choose! Of course we also have what has become a Mad Over Fifties tradition volly vonts and canopies! On the pudding trolley tonight we have home made brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce, mmm yum! Our tailcock this evening will be the Hawiian Volcano! Verily a potent mix!! (best not to ask what went into it's creation) The Minstrels are once again in the gallery, tuning up ready for the usual fare of madrigals and fugues, later they will be joined by our wonderful local band, the Tone Deafs who have promised a medley of songs from the 1950's right up to the present day (I'm looking forward to their version of the One Eyed, One Horned Flying Purple People Eater - a particular favourite of mine). We have dancing in the great hall, the bowling alley in the dungeon is primed and ready to go, (Sir Cumference is looking forward to some company this evening) Up on the North Tower the hot tub is bubbling away, of course the minis bar has been restocked (thanks again Igor) We now have a full complement of rally cars, so we have reopened the race track, the games room is set up and ready for use, a roaring fire is burning in the snug for those of you who might wish a quiet evening. I am happy to state that we finally had the unveiling of the plaque to Mammar's Chocolate Store, Igor polished his chains especially for the occasion. The ceremony of pulling the cord was awarded to Igor (he also polished the plaque so it seemed only fair) The bungee is also available of members use, though be advised it has now been moved for safety reasons (see special announcement)
In keeping with MOFC tradition there will be a rofl later.

A special announcement:
Will guests please note that the moat has a shoal of piranha fish (a security measure introduced after the moat was stolen recently) therefore swimming or diving will be at the member's own risk. The "management" strongly advise against any form of water sports in the moat.

A warm welcome awaits all who dare enter these portals

Carriages at Midnight.


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. new wheels arrived!!! But I shall not be rallying in this, just cruisin' round the track :)
Question Author
Somebody's obviously feeling better now......x
Good evening nungate, what a bountiful spread, for the rofle I bring a new plastic toiet seat, still in its wrapping, empty paint bot and brush, numerous srews, I wish I knew where they were missing from
Possibly, my 3rd mummy has told me to go get a bath and face mask (do I own one) get in my jammies and watch a dvd
Question Author
Evening Sibs, I hope you are well. What treasures for the rofl! I think I may know where those screws came from, I seem to be missing more than one..

Queenie, sweetie, I know your second mum, you now have a third? (I'm sure I have a mask you could use somewhere)
I think I'm queenie's 3rd, I adopted her when you weren't looking
mum take your name and minus the first letter there is my 3rd mum.

I seem to be collecting mum's
Question Author
After today's fracas Sibs you can have her and welcome!!
Run in with her Dad, (she thought I was taking his side at one point, I wasn't!) I gave him a ticking off!!!! And her bf hasn't been in touch except to say he was going to Ikea.... she's been a bit upset, then "psycho bitch" kicked in - I'd say he's going to need a crash helmet soon
Ant then there'll be the Mother-in-Law!
Sadly, not Sib :(
Ooohh sounds divine, I shall summon my magic carpet and be with you in due course. It's been rather a busy day so the snug with it's roaring fire and a glass of Hawiian Volcano sounds just what the doctor ordered. Have one or two interesting items for the rofl - unopened packet of kirby grips, medium brown hairnet and a set of heated rollers. There may also be a scrunchie if I can find it. See you all anon.
Question Author
No mil - except for me ....

Queenie, you're going to have to come down and tell me!
jeez wumman!!

What is your name...think about it SPELLING and all?
with me so far....ok then take away the very first letter and what are you left with?
Think Work and nose orgasms!
Queenie, chin up, we've all been there and lack of a mil is a good thing xx
rather like the sound of Maggie's offerings
I do get a runner's up prize of SIL though what could be worse than that LOL x
Evening all, well thats strange queenie, my new wheels have arrived gonna blow the doors of your girly mobile lol.
Minty sends her apologies, she's at the hossie again, dads got the shingles.
Igor my usual bucket please.
chains rattle, clink, clink cliink Coming Madame

Do have a tailcock, Madam....
Question Author
Hi Maggie, one Hawiian Volcano coming right up,

IGOR.....drinks please!
Question Author
Hello the wheels! Your offering to tonight's rofl perhaps?

Do have a bucket

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