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nungate | 20:00 Sat 28th Sep 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Time to open up Nungate Towers once more for the meeting of the AB Mad Over Fifties Club.
Thanks to Queenofmean for keeping things going last week when I was having techinical problems, these are still ongoing and it's largely thanks to Igor (ancient family retainer) that I can be with you tonight. Sadly Igor can't be here as he has suffered a broken leg when he tripped over his chains when he was polishing the cobwebs in the dungeons. He may be out for a few weeks, and as his minion Frank is still away at minion training school, Plant the undergardener has stepped in to try and fill in for Igor (no mean feat!) Many regular members will no doubt be aware of Plant, he has assisted Igor many times and though generally to be found out around the grounds, he has been on hand to assist in the Gentlemen's Ablutions on meeting nights. He has many skills not least his ability to make things "disappear", cloaks, coats, boots, bodies anything at all, he can also be relied upon to return them to their owners as and when (or if) required.
Now to tonight's meeting. The Tailcock tonight will be the "Grizzly Bear-tini"
a new take on the classic martini! Our hot plate special tonight is a tasty cottage pie and lots of lovely veggies! On the pudding trolley we have a nice selection of ice cream sundaes, and of course in the bery best tradition of the Mad Over Fifties, volly vonts and canopies! Up in the gallery, the minstrels are warming up, getting their madrigals and toccattas prepared. Meanwhile back in the ballroom the Tone Deafs are warming up for tonight's trip back to the '60's! Up in the North Tower the hot tub is bubbling away, the mini bar has been refilled, the bungee is full of bounce (just be mindful where you aim, there are piranhas in the moat). As the evenings grow darker and cooler, I'd like to remind members that the library is open to all members, you will find a fine selection of leather bound tomes and all the latest periodicals including Cow Punchers monthly and the Wheeltappers Gazette, the games room is well stocked with all sorts of games for members amusement. For those in need of a quiet moment the snug is always there, a roaring fire, comfy sofas and a few trays of nibbles - drinks can be found in the cabinet in the corner)
For tonight's rofl I offer:
Slightly used strip light (from the garage)
Pile of colouring books (all coloured in)
Pack of yeast (use by July 2012)
1 bad tempered cat (see avatar ...... kidding, I am keeping her!) she's been naughty!
a warm welcome awaits all who dare enter these portals

carriages at midnight


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Good evening nungate, sorry to hear of Igor's injuries, I wish him a speedy recovery. For the rofl I bring a few beaten bookies' dockets, The book Oh Dear Sylvia by Dawn French for anyone who wants to be depressed and a pack of hairgrips
Question Author
Evening Sibs, is it safe to assume that the "racing" didn't go as planned?
Good to see you though, I hope you had a nice visit over here all the same
Poor old Igor, do you have a link for him?

Well what do we have in the Waitdross hessian sack for the ruffle?

Ah, here we are:

13 tees with Splintered in Scotland written on them
1 empty pizza box
1 empty bottle of Navajas
1 left toe corkscrew
1 broken C Class rudder
1 propellor
1 Bic biro minus biro
1 terracotta pot of the finest Cornish horse manure
1 stuffed Bengali tiger
1 live alligator, 6 inches long, known as Jaws.
I love Ayr nungate, wanted to retire there but ties here. And no, other than stokes tips, was a dismal failure
Evening dtc, please try to remember to give me a lift back tonight x
So pounds down then, sibs - take heart, they were Scottish ones.
Willco, whoever he is, sibs.
Question Author
Good to see you DT, so you made it home safely from the wilds of NB then?
No direct link to Igor I'm afraid, I have to use his browser in order to communicate on AB - I'm having the same trouble as Daisy (waves to Daisy - as promised) our "submit" button will not Submit so without Igor I wouldn't be on here tonight....and Queenie isn't around to assist me either....
Good evening your nungateship, sorry to hear that about Igors injury ( please give him my regards and wish him a speedy recovery from me ).
A bucket of that marvelous sounding ' Grizzly Bear - tini' please, Plant.
For the roffle I have brought with me a sales brochure for the 2013 Nissan Juke and 6 pages of sales bumf ( over enthusiastic sales man ), and one central heating radiator 600mm x 500mm ( only slight rust ).
Daisy sends her apologies as she can't join us tonight due to a technical problem which will be resolved soon hopefully.
Have you tried switching from whatever you are on - like Internet Explorer to Chrome - that's pretty easy to do by the way.

Back ok but the weather has been crrrap down here.
Evening DT and Pysbbo.

big wave to Daisy.
And met with boaty on the way back.....thanks for all the help in the Lothian area though!
Hi tone - favourable football result then today? See Utd lost again (yes.....)
Question Author
Hello Tony, heard you were changing your car - lots of bumf eh?

Tried just about everything, DT I've tried another browser, even went back to a system restore - spent most of last week doing that, didn't work and it usually does, I have posted from my kindle but it is not much good for an evening at MOFC I'll eventually figure it out or take it to a nice man to fix, or I'll wait to see what Daisy's son can do to fix hers and hopefully if her gets hers working I hope to use the same procedures to get this one to work
Yes DT, a great ( and unexpected ) result for the Villa, only down side to Man U's loss was it was the bloody Baggies that beat them.
be thankful for small mercies, tone.

Money on the Utd manager going by Xmas?
Good evening all.
I thought Igors were renowned for their medical abilities and collection of spare body parts. Can't he remove the broken leg and sew on a new one?

For the riffle I offer a selection of books from my extensive collection

How to Make Your Own Coffin
Understanding Your Colon
How Legal Is Your Car Number Plate
How to Master Fair Isle Knitting Patterns
The Complete Guide to Russian Mopeds
The Embalmers Handbook

Question Author
Mrs O. so nice of you to join us, international supermodels are rare here at the Towers! I'm afraid Igor is all out of spare parts, very difficult to come by them these days, I keep searching the internet just in case I find some for him.
Evening mrs overowl, nice to see ya.
How Legal Is Your Car Number Plate, mmmm, wonders if she's bought that for my benifit.

Yes DT, if Manures results keep going as they are then the sack at Christmas.
Good evening Moat....sorry...Goatboy xx

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