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queenofmean | 21:01 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good Evening and welcome to MOFC here at Queenies Quay. We had to relocate from Nungate Towers in the spring. The Moat Flooded and the Towers were deemed unsafe.

Staff remains relatively unchanged, however Igor refused to leave the towers and I believe he remains there. We still have Chubb master of the keys, Greengrass the Gardner (last seen tending to the giant Maze), Scoff still works in the kitchen he married Soo (said she was a Sous Chef at some high flying place, didn’t ask too many questions);Dyson the cleaner and everyone else. Igors replacement is the chainless Rahul his ‘eengleesh’ needs improvement so if you feel you can help feel free. Sir Cumference the resident ghost is about - last seen pretending to be a coat hanger in the Cloakroom.

Anyway...we have here at QQ a giant Maze, Rose Garden, Race Track, a massive beach looking over the Firth into the Northern Night, we have a smaller lake with pedalos should you wish to not take the Jet Skis out into the open water. Life Jackets MUST be worn. We are setting up a Bungee once we get the tower finished and can locate better elastic.

Feel free to roam around the premises, we have the dining room straight ahead past the central staircase - where you will find a massive Chinese Banquet and the usual Volly Vents and Horses Doovers. Pudding Trolley is petit fours. Off the dining room we have the great hall, where the ‘Tone Deafs’ and the Minstrels took up immediate residency - they will be playing their own versions of popular 70’s and 80’s hits they may do requests.

We have the usual vestibule (under stairs) we have a games room, library, cinema room (currently showing Episodes of Hawaii 5-0), we have a gym with a pool (heated) and sauna and there is a ballroom should anyone wish to partake in bit of dancing.
Tailcock this evening is the Mermaids Tail - not sure if there’s an actual tail but be cautious- a light brew made with local Gin.

Rofl will be held which I have donated
1 Dan Brown book, read good, broken spine
One Sock Pink clean
Listerine mouthwash opened, unused

Hope you have a great evening, Carriages at midnight


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How great to see this back!
Question Author
It’s been on my mind a while, but I missed mum too much and never had much time, thought I’d do it once a month...see how it goes.
wellll hellloooooo ..long time no see...took me a bit to track you down..went to the towers to drag the moat for sparklies but no joy..don't suppose you or greengrass found them....well...lets get the tailcock tested no' had one for ages...volly vonts !! Rahul..lead me to the volly vonts... here's my bucket for the mermaids ice...

I've been waiting outside for ages but I can't get past this guy

He keeps muttering something about my blue lounge suit with brown boots and shaking his head!
Unfortunately I'm a a bit boracic lint at the moment so can't offer anything in the way of tailcocks or roffle. Could I just stand at the end of the table and lick up the crumbs, if that's OK with you.
oh's my ROFL contributions... a wee fishing net , no use for fishing sparklies... half a bottle of advocaat... the coconut creams from christmas quality street tin.... and a pair of slippers..too late to take them back now...size ..Tone would like them....but keep them damned goats away from them...
Question Author
Ah Minty...if you go see Belle in the Vestibule I believe she has your Sparkly. You may need to use a lot of hand gestures with Rahul.

Ah buenchico...don’t worry just tell him you have an dress code this evening.
Question Author
Do what you feel comfortable with Jackdaw. There is soft drinks available in the fridge (under table) if you don’t fancy a tailcock..just watch the felines don’t snaffle the crumbs first!
Question Author
I forgot the bloomin goats
Thanks for the advice, Queenie. I hope that I'll never tell anyone I've got an 'invite' though. (Horrid US English! 'Invite' is a verb. One has an 'invitation', NOT an 'invite').

So I can probably get past the flunky with the silver tray then but Rahul, whom I see hovering in the background, doesn't look very welcoming either

Perhaps when I get to where the music is, and get going with my spoons, my talents will start to be appreciated?
Rahul ! Ra Ra !! now leeesten verrry carefooly..ah shall say this only once........take me to the volly vonts and tailcocks....and be a good man and get my sparkly from Belle....I feel a go on the jet skis coming over me......oh it's good to be back.... Tone Deafs d'ya ken any Bay city rollers stuff...shang a lang....shang a lang...
I've remembered some rofl prizes though. I've brought a box of mince pies (unopened and only slightly out of date), half a box of Christmas cards and a flashing Santa thingy (in need of a new battery).
Question Author
Noted - will refrain from autocorrect.

He’s a very eccentric character, will work towards his social skills.

Music is just through the door on the left off the dining room.

They do indeed know Shang a Lang Minty.
Chico Chico..that yoooo ? here try the tailcock..slurp slurp..yum...the vollys are great......might just put some under this wee bush for doggy bag later..slurp..Tone here yet ? ...Ra got my sparkly yet ..slurp..ahhh....
Question Author
Haven’t seen him Minty, he may be rescuing the goats.
You sure know how to party, Minty ;-)
I was refused entry point blank... maybe i’ll apply for work as its evident i’m unable to gain membership

I have exsperience with bush mazes, however they were requested to be, and cut to the shape of a rhombus
Oh dear, that’s dry January finished, can’t say no to a gin based tailcock, will just fetch B&Q orange bucket.
Won’t be able to manage Volly Vents, sorry Scoff, will save myself for the petit fours...or fives.
Was unprepared tonight but can offer two left socks and a AAA battery for the rofl :-)
Hello all 'puff puff pant pant' I went to the old place luckily Igor was in, had a few beers and a catch up with him ( haven't seen him for ages ). Anyhoo he told me where you have moved to, lovely place you have Queenie , does Chubb look after the Quay ?.
Now then this tailcock, I hope the scales have been scraped of the mermaids tail !. For the ROFL I have with me one pack of Rizla liquorice cigarette papers ( only five papers left though ) one (used) exhaust back box suitable for a 1954 Morris Oxford and six beer mats.
spath..I heard that ! have drink...Chico it's lies all lies ! here that bands quite good....well they sang shang a lang..da da de da....

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