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nungate | 21:13 Sat 22nd Dec 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Tonight's The Night! The evening of the Mad Over Fifties Christmas Ball has arrived! Time for all the Mad Over Fifties to put on their finest suits and poshest frocks and join the festivities here at Nungate Towers.
The Towers are bedecked in tinsel and fairy lights Christmas trees are all around the Towers, Igor has put on his festive chains and is ready in the vestibule with trays of mulled wine and Christmas carol tailcocks. The Minstrels are back in the gallery, tonight they are joined by the local symphony orchestra who will be playing a selection of Seasonal songs and waltzes. Later on it's time to rock the old Towers and Rocky Road will be here with his mobile disco.
Tables are groaning under the weight of all the festive fayre imaginable, capons, and turkeys, hams and pies. Puddings and trifles mince pies and
truffles - a feast for the eyes and for the stomach!
Come and join the happy Mad over fifties for tonight's extravagana!

carriages at midnight


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sibo have you got a dress to go with that strap ?.
22:28 Sat 22nd Dec 2012 aqui!!
I come in a glass coach bedecked with diamonds to spare you folk of the wild torrent of rheum that passeth through me; there is an appropriate serving hatch for the dispensing of ye tailcocks and the magnificent Dickensian Fayre that is laid out before us.......

Is there a ripple tonight, meiness hoseth......

I also hope that the Nungate Towers choir has rehearsed the AB carols for a wonderful groany rendition of the premiere (or rather secondaire) work.
good evening ladies
as i wipe my feet on the doormat may i say that you both look stunning in those gowns, they make this armani evening suit look like an old rag

i have for you queen, the bunch of flowers i promised you
i have for you nungate, a little gift for christmas day

here also, are my donations for prizes:-

three scented candles
some mistletoe
a photo of me (aged 3)
four drinks coasters
last years' christmas cards i received
a tube of toothpaste
(there remaineth five carols me thinks for tomorrow and Monday, their premieres to be in no finer place than the Queens Chapel Carrbridge).
Question Author
Welcome Dt. No serving hatch per se but I can arrange a Hazmat suit for Igor to serve you in splendid isolation in the Solar if you so wish.

Owing to laptop problems I may have to use Queenies laptop if this one decided to act up again. We may have a rofl tonight time will tell.......
Question Author
A tube of toothpaste - just what I need I forgot to buy some more today, if I don't win it tonight I'll have to borrow best beloved's
I am bedecked in an evening suit once lent to Sean Connerby and accompanied by a dressing gown of the finest tonee goat mohair to keep me warm on this cold and snowy(?) night.......a glass of Warre's finest 55 port and a Cuban virgin.....

You, dears, look absolutely ravishing.......
ummmm....I'm not in a gown, but a lovely little black and red dress with frills, think 20's style :)
Ah I see my friend, excel, has brought the said items....


Two rolls of spare carol paper, two-ply, and very useful at this time of year
One trumpet minus mouthpiece
Three black truffles, scented out by Snorts my Glocuester Spott
One snooker cue minus tip
One roll of Scotch tape
One packet of flunkies, two-thirds used
One pair of Christmas panties belonging to a woman called Carol
One book by Pickens, Scrooge's Ways to Spending Money
One Snowman minus appendages so they are age apropriate.
One Christmas Cracker (and its not QoM, Tinks, JJ, Minty and and and ) minus the bang and joke bits.
One bike minus a wheel called a Monosomething. The chain is also missing
Mummy dearest is having laptop problems so I might let her borrow my laptop for the evening folks, so it might be toodle pip from me for a bit
Has she slipped in through the back door, ummmm that is?.....cheeky. Wait 'til her carol then.
Question Author
Ah, Excel, you've made it (more than can be said for this laptop) don't you look dashing - Armani forsooth!
thanks for spoiling the image, queen
sorry excel...i can go change if you like?
she is but a young thing, excel.......allow for the tender years of age!
Question Author
She is in a frock - a little LBD if you please, much more elegant than the little number she wore last week!
This old thing? Just something I found at the back of the wardrobe, for I have but one dress.................seldom ever wear one, comfort above all but tonight I thought I'd best make a supreme effort and find a frock
(well, thank god, younger than us!)
And Nungate is but 21 - AB women are never older than 21......
Was sanguinously difficult getting onthe broom in my cerise pencil-skirted evening dress. Even more so when I found Louis dancing on the screen of my sat nav.
Managed to salvage for the ruffle an empty sellotape dispenser, left handed scissors missing one blade, bag of meal worms and smoked salmon sandwich.
The Towers are (is?) spectacular from above. Could murder a truffle and a tailcock.
Question Author
Thanks for that DT but I doubt I would be 21 again if you paid me!

Daisy, you do look splendid! How ever did you manage to ride a broom in that outfit? I can't have been easy, especially with Louis showing off his pecs interrupting your satnav

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