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queenofmean | 21:01 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good Evening and welcome to MOFC here at Queenies Quay. We had to relocate from Nungate Towers in the spring. The Moat Flooded and the Towers were deemed unsafe.

Staff remains relatively unchanged, however Igor refused to leave the towers and I believe he remains there. We still have Chubb master of the keys, Greengrass the Gardner (last seen tending to the giant Maze), Scoff still works in the kitchen he married Soo (said she was a Sous Chef at some high flying place, didn’t ask too many questions);Dyson the cleaner and everyone else. Igors replacement is the chainless Rahul his ‘eengleesh’ needs improvement so if you feel you can help feel free. Sir Cumference the resident ghost is about - last seen pretending to be a coat hanger in the Cloakroom.

Anyway...we have here at QQ a giant Maze, Rose Garden, Race Track, a massive beach looking over the Firth into the Northern Night, we have a smaller lake with pedalos should you wish to not take the Jet Skis out into the open water. Life Jackets MUST be worn. We are setting up a Bungee once we get the tower finished and can locate better elastic.

Feel free to roam around the premises, we have the dining room straight ahead past the central staircase - where you will find a massive Chinese Banquet and the usual Volly Vents and Horses Doovers. Pudding Trolley is petit fours. Off the dining room we have the great hall, where the ‘Tone Deafs’ and the Minstrels took up immediate residency - they will be playing their own versions of popular 70’s and 80’s hits they may do requests.

We have the usual vestibule (under stairs) we have a games room, library, cinema room (currently showing Episodes of Hawaii 5-0), we have a gym with a pool (heated) and sauna and there is a ballroom should anyone wish to partake in bit of dancing.
Tailcock this evening is the Mermaids Tail - not sure if there’s an actual tail but be cautious- a light brew made with local Gin.

Rofl will be held which I have donated
1 Dan Brown book, read good, broken spine
One Sock Pink clean
Listerine mouthwash opened, unused

Hope you have a great evening, Carriages at midnight


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mind..I've seen what's in that there sporran...ah tell ya queenie... that there is a beastie ! slurp hic.....shaaaaaaang a laaaaangggg .....
Mmm Minty you sure it's very alcoholic?
Minty, I poured a couple of bottles of the 'recipe' into the tailcock vat. I thought it might add a little more flavour and kick.
Ok Queenie give me a large glass then please xx
thatsh verrry nice Tone...slurp.....nooo itsh no' too alcloho....Tony.... am I seeing 2 Tones ? ..hic...
Question Author
I’m out of buckets and glasses...will a Jam Jar do?
Minty you got two Tone suit on then, never thought you were one for trousers, do they do skirts in the village then
Hang on, Queenie. I'll go and get a few of my Orange buckets from out of the motor.
I'll make do Queenie providing I can get it in my mouth, I mean the glass hic
trooosers ? troosers ? where's me pants ? it's a bit nippy in this thin ..hic...robe....
See, I told ya to keep your sparkly on Minty.
Minty you not lost you robe upstairs yet?
Question Author
If you need a change of clothes Minty we have a walk in wardrobe with clothing for EVERYONE.

I’m sure we can find you a suitable recepticle Tony...other Tony has some spare buckets...
there now..hic...kin..yooo do up ..thish zippy do Queenie.... there's a goat up in that room..y'' itsh eating all the curtains.....fink I .hic..might have scared them folks oot there....nae ma boab....hic...
That's very kind Queenie to find something for me, hope you find something warm Minty
Zacs enters. Stage left. Wearing a purple crushed velvet suit with gold lining and a green felt fedora.

Right then, where’s the Kraken?
Gawd blimey, has he got out again. I'll go get him and put him back in the trailer hic.... burp.....slurp. Another bucket of tailcock for me if you please, queenie.'s me shoes...hic...fink I need a carriage me the way to go home...hic...that fishy tailcock thing Queenie.....must be 'llergic..ah dinnae feel..hic..sae guid....bye bye ..ah loves ya Les too Tone..Tony....HIC.....kin ye phone Bertha an' tell her no' lock the' up tae climbing that pipe the night...hic....
Question Author
I’m loving the fedora zac! Very fancy.

Zip done Minty...are you warm enough, I can lob more stuff into the fire?
Thanks queenie. Do you think I’ve overdone it with the canary yellow feather boa (it one belonged to Marc Bolan, you know)?

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