New Shoots European City. Closes 07/ 02 / 19

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galasalmon | 20:41 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Help please .answers as near as possible to how they sound.
9/ Nearly half a unit of energy put down
35 / BARGEGRAZI 2 words
Thank you


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grazi is Itaian for thanks/ta if that helps.
Barge may be a boat or barge as in charge into
Unit of energy could be JOULE.
What does as near as they sound mean?
1 Calais?

cal(orie) lays?
Gala - 35 is not just two words, it's two cities.
I assume it's something like GIROU SLAM is a bit like Jerusalem. That's just an example of top of my head
Ah- two cities not two words for 35
Calais seems okay, Tilly
ah- anagram of two cities. Got them now
cal(orie) lay, is better.
Question Author
Thank you. Yes it is 2 cities and I have got the other one now .
Good luck, I'm still struggling with Q1 - sure I'll get there.
1. am ster dam

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New Shoots European City. Closes 07/ 02 / 19

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