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nungate | 20:02 Sat 12th Oct 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Come on in all Mad Over Fifties. Nungate Towers has opened its doors for the latest meeting of the AB's Mad Over Fifties Club. For tonight's entertainment we have The Minstrels playing Madrigals and Toccatas up in the gallery, in the ballroom we have again engaged the services of our favourite local band the Tone Deafs tonight they will be playing the music of the Glam rock era, (don't forget the glitter and loon pants) Tonight's Tailcock will be a Sangria Special, and tonight's Hot plate Special will be Paella, and continuing the Spanish theme, on the pudding trolley we have the choice of Crema Catalana or Leche Frita, of course we also have our customary comestibles, volley vonts, canopies and horses doovers!
The hot tub is bubbling away nicely on North Tower, (please note the mini bar up there has been refilled) the bungee is full of bounce (just be careful where you aim - the piranhas you know) The indoor swimming pool is ready to use - cossies are available. There's a roaring fire in the library, and the latest edition of Plumbing Times for our members perusal. The snug is also available to members wishing a quieter evening, a lovely tray of goodies has been left out for anyone wishing to hide away in there!
On a cheerier note, our Igor is now out of traction and has returned to the Towers, he may pop along later for a visit providing he can get his wheelchair through the door, so Plant will still be providing Buttling services.
For the rofl tonight I have,
Bag of Llama wool
Box of Turkish Delight (expiry date November 2013)
Bag of odd socks

A warm welcome awaits all who are enter these portals

Carriages at Midnight


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Good evening your nungateship, very good news that about Igor, hope he can manage to drop in later.
A bucket of the Sangria special for me please, Plant.
For the roffle I have with me one throttle pedal suitable for all Saab 9-3's 2002- 2012 and also suitable for all Vauxhall Vectra's 2002 onwards ( now surplus to requirements ) Also one drivers side inner rear light unit suitable for a 55 reg Saab convertible ( also now surplus to requirements ).
Mmmmmm, I could do with winning that bag of odd socks to go with my bag of odd socks !.
Question Author
Evening Tony, I hope you are well. I must say I rather fancy the spare part for the Vectra ......
Queenie may be along later
It is with a heart laden with sorrow, My Lady, that I must decline your most welcome invitation to attend this sumptuous affair. I must disabuse the little lady of the house of the notion that three of the afternoon is not truly an efficacious time of day for procuring one's groceries.
Evening stewey, 3 in the afternoon in the colonies then.
Good evening nungate, glad to hear Igor is recovering. I'll have a bucket of what Tony's having please.
For the rofle I bring 6 Turkish delight (nobody likes them)
basket of clothes pegs
and 4 empty lighters
Yesiree, Bob; I mean Tony.
It's ok stewey, I'll let you off this time lol.

Is one of those lighters a Dunhill, Psybbo ?.
Question Author
Stewey, I must ask. Are you actually old enough to be joining the MOFC?
You always struck me as more on the "youthful" side, not that we discriminate against those younger than the rest of us. You are most welcome to join us, I am rather proud of our facilities for club members, though the club must not really be used as an excuse to get out of Saturday afternoon shopping - be like me, have it delivered! I loathe shopping!
MM, Tony
Question Author
Hey there Sibs, you are well I trust? Turkish delights? My favourites! I have a feeling I shall be lucky tonight ......

MM, Tony

Hey Psybbo, I like Turkish Delight !.
Very well your ladyship, off to sit by the fire in the library if I may, it's a bit nippy tonight
Good evening to sundaes and all.......

From here, wiffe prozes of

a case of hives
five wasp stings
1/4 tube of hydrocortisone, 1%
one rake no teeth
2 tons of leaves.
1/4 can of gasoline the rest used to toast some wasps
1/4 pound burger of minced wasps
1 waspie without stays
3 spent matches
1/8th can of diesel
10 toothpicks
and a pair of tweezers missing an arm

(And don't forget the mint balls).
Question Author
Yes it has been a bit nippy these past few days Sibs, I've turned the heating up a little today
and good to hear that Igor is on the mend - a bucket of rognac should see him straight.
Question Author
He's plastered enough DT .... Good evening, I hope you are well
Evening DT, been out in the garden I see Tony makes a beeline for the gasoline.
(Igor, I'll slip you a few syringes.....pretend that you have been stung by wasps - if challenged by nungate and queenie).
Have you been stung, DTC, I have a wasp phobia and we've had 4 visit this week. I'm convinced there is still one in the kitchen, lying in wait

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