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Dutch Elections

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Khandro | 23:19 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | News
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Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders is on course to win the most votes in parliamentary elections on Wednesday that were dominated by debate around rising immigration in the Netherlands.

Financial Times. Tonight

Finally, the tide seems to be turning?



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i'm not asking that you agree with her on everything roy but i do think she speaks with some authority on the subject of being  a muslim member of parliament.

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This is not a one off freak result, however much the globalists, EU fanatics and rainbow followers may scweem. It is a reaction to decades of the deliberate and destructive policy that demanded the undermining of all things Caucasian and traditional(centuries of them) customs of the indigenous people of Europe   ...   Not least the peoples of the British Isles. The Germans have just started to begin large scale(their words) deportations of illegal immigrants. Sweden is preparing to deport immigrants who fail to live an honourable lifestyle. The Swiss are moving to ban hamas and it's supporters( we know who they are). Whilst the whole of the EUSSR is beginning to row back on the suicidal net zero legislation that has all but crippled the German economy. It all may be too late to prevent open hostilities on the streets after the people who have sized power ignored the thoughts and wishes of the people who were being most impacted by the injustice. Reform may have come late  ... pray that it is not too late.      

untitled, this is like bashing my head against a brick wall.   Right, I'll try again.   I don’t have a problem with Muslims per se - some of my best friends and all that - but I do have a problem with the philosophy of Islam.  If you knew anything at all about it you would know that it doesn't compare to any other religion on the planet - it governs every aspect of life, its adherents dare not contradict it or criticise it, and its ultimate goal is an Islamic world.  One way to achieve that is to gain high office in non-Islamic countries - and not only in politics.  In short to conquer by stealth.  The list I provided for Corby illustrates its success so far - and that grows by the day.


Actually, given its misogynist, violent and controlling nature it baffles me that non-Muslims exist who don't have a problem with Islam.  If push came to shove, few who understand it would choose to live in such a world.

except your understanding of islam is not the whole story is it? there exist huge differences between individual muslims and groups of muslims and a religion is more than its scriptures alone. there is also a thousand-plus years of how people actually live as muslims which is very diverse and even divergent with what is written in the koran or hadiths.

i do not have any love for islam as a religion and nor do i wish to become one... you however have characterised hundreds of millions of people as bent on its scriptures alone. You describe muslims as people who are all bent on world conquest - as enemies of all non-muslims. you treat muslims like a hive mind who all think and want the same thing, like an insidious group who are all - every one - out to harm and dominate us. it isn't the truth however much you insist it to be so. 

the "some of my best friends" line was also used by stuart seldowitz lol

//a religion is more than its scriptures alone.//


This one isn't.

Naomi's explanation to her thinking is one of the most honest and relatable posts I've read on here for her way of thinking. The same cannot be said of some of the other posters, whose rhetoric appears to be mirroring 1938 Germany.

Question Author

Untitled; I have read the Koran and have copy here. So has naomi & maybe others on this thread, but you certainly haven't

 I suggest you give it a try, for example;

Surah 3:151: "We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve (all non-Muslims, which includes you) …" Surah 2:191: "And kill them (non-Muslims) wherever you find them … kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers (non-Muslims)."

etc, etc.

Take isolated lines from the Bible and that reads with similar nastiness. Religion, as a whole, is a game of "our god is better than your god".

Mozz, thank you for your post at 13.32.  That's appreciated.


//Take isolated lines from the Bible and that reads with similar nastiness. //


The bible doesn't say anything like the example from the Koran that Khandro gave - but that aside, the big difference is that the bible, allegedly having been written by men simply inspired by God, is therefore fallible and hence, open to criticism.  The Koran, allegedly the word of Allah himself, for obvious reasons, isn't.  The book, along with the prophet Mohammed, the man who claimed to have recorded those words, is deemed beyond reproach.

11:18, what I find disturbing is that you do not find them an enemy.

you're talking about a whole demographic of humanity toratoratora... i simply don't accept that muslims are a hivemind who are out to get us. i do not like their religion but muslims are people like anyone else and i am very suspicious of anyone - however much "politeness" or "civility" they might use to make it palatable - who attempts to cast an entire section of the human race as an enemy because inherently of who they are. if that isn't fascism then i don't know what is.

untitled: "what is your problem with muslims - any muslim at all - being in parliament or other positions of authority naomi? spell it out. say it. you are the one who brought this up." - For Naomi presumably but allow me...because with muslims the religion comes first, other considerations are secondary. If you are elected to parliament your first duty is to the nation not your chosen book of fairy tales.

Question Author

'Aisha, daughter of Abu-Bakr was a beautiful little girl.  Muhammad married her when he was fifty three years old and she was only six years old.  He had intercourse with her when she was nine years old. (Wives of the Prophet, pages 57-61).

This is a gross case of child abuse by the prophet of Islam.

When Muhammad married Aisha, he set an example for the Muslims.  To this day older Muslim men marry much younger girls, following Muhammad's example.'

Aso used regularly as an excuse by child-grooming gangs.



i'm not asking that you agree with her on everything roy but i do think she speaks with some authority on the subject of being  a muslim member of parliament.


My point was, she was silent about the hamas massacre.

I can't take any politician who was quiet about the hamas massacre yet noisey as *** about the Israeli response seriously.

There's something that no one has said that might help people understand the effect that Islam has on the psyche of its adherents - and that is that they themselves are afraid of the consequences of disobedience.  Whether it be by seeking high office, waging brutal jihad, or having a friendly cup of tea with the infidel in order to gain trust, it is incumbent upon every Muslim to further the cause of Islam.  Think about what happened to Salman Rushdie years after offending Islam and becoming the subject of an unforgotten fatwah - and compared to the promises of Allah should people stray, his punishment was light.   Fascism has been mentioned.  I'll leave the rest to you.

here's Philomena on Islam....


"Fascism has been mentioned. " - well there is no better example of fascism than religion. Believe what we tell you or be punished! That's it!

 its adherents dare not contradict it or criticise it, and its ultimate goal is an Islamic world.

almost ALL the post this quote comes from is crap

The muslims as any fule kno were at each others throats from the get-go of the Death of the Prophet. The successor was to be nearest to the Prophet ( PBUH) so Abu Bakr won that one ( father in law, close huh) as opposed to Ali who was nearest in space on the death bed. He was the fourth caliph. Sunni

Those who thought he should be the first Iman ( Ali' , that is! aw huwa ar-rajil) - instead of the fourth caliph were ( became, turned into ) shia

Not exactly blood brothers huh?

SO instead of the Muslims hammering the chrisiians and jews ( who in any case have special status as 'Children of the Book' - the Bible that is!) - do they ever hammer each other?

Yup like billy-o - That is: can you have the wrong kind of Muslim? Answer yes.

The sunni in Cairo are not that keen on the dervishes ( Turkish, from arabic Darweesh - poor). Dervishes come in various flavours - screaming howling or whirling. A lot are to be found if you take the train south from Cairo to Sudan. ( or Istanbul)

they got zero'ed here

oops that is Sufi - ( arabic wool - they wear woollen garments) and they go in for a hyper-ventilation ritual, zikr here

This is like a hwyl in a welsh christian church: Participants describe the gathering as being characterised by hwyl (emotional or religious fervour within the singing). If the communal mood demands, the end of a hymn will be repeated several times,

the most famous sufi was Mawlana cel-alladin ar-rumi. v pop in the seventies. wrote poetry based in Konya

Ignorance is everywhere

o god I havent mentioned the Ahmeddiyya - another load of heretics (kufr) . The shop keeper who was butchered by one of his own lot ( erm not quite same lot if you ask them) was an ahmeddiyya

So the muslims are not  exactly kissy kissy amongst themselves


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Dutch Elections

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