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Unsure that I understand the thread title. Are you suggesting a coalition will keep him out ?

"Although Wilders appeared to have triumphed in the polls, it is not clear he will be able to garner the necessary support for a broad enough coalition to form a workable government.

All the leaders of the three other top parties have said they would not serve in a PVV-led coalition."

Less than 25% of the seats though. 35 out of 150 seats.  Even the top 3 parties only got around 80 seats in total. It would be interesting to see the actual shares of the vote though. It's hardly suprising second placed Left/Greens won't form a coalition, and even if they did it wouldn't be enough for a majority.


"   Another Winner Won't Get Into Power"

Like Hilary Clinton in 2016 you mean when she got nearly 3 million more votes than Trump but he was elected. 

Elections often throw up these results depending on the systems

He may be a winner with just under 25 percent of the seats but Dutch politics has long been about forming an alliance as the second stage of an election - wait for the haggling to begin if it hasn't started already and there can be some pretty odd unions in play. My bet it will be Rutte +++ who will emerge.

Fecking hope not

I agree, ich, probably subscribes to the Trump view of backing Putain....or should I say kowtows to the American convict-to-be.

Putin chrissakes - ou en francais, poutine

Putain a lady who sells her kisses for lu-lu, is like Bidon - the french dont say Bidon like Pardon or Toulon, as that is a jerry can that is used as a building unit ( 'brick') of favelas and dumps ( bidonville) - but bidonne

Proportional representation. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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Another Winner Won't Get Into Power

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