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Geet-Widers arrives in England,

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anotheoldgit | 14:36 Fri 05th Mar 2010 | News
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Since Geet-Widers's far-right party has scored major gains in the Dutch elections, he could even become their next Prime Minister.

If this were to be the case, would our politicians accept him in this capacity or would they shun him?

Regarding his film Fitna, will the BBC or Channel 4 be contesting with one another to show it on British television?

Somehow I don't think so, never mind perhaps it will become available on DVD.


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Like child p0rn and videos of tramps fighting, Fitna is available to watch on the internet for those that are interested.
As long as we continue to have scum like this (both the husband and the wife) in this country we will move more and more to the right.

How the hell she got off when she wrote in her diary about his "martyrdom" I do not know.

This used to be such a great country till the scum of the world were allowed in.
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/// Mrs Ali's father Mohammed Anwar told reporters outside court , "we have suffered as a family over the last three and half years for the actions of some individuals with whom we have nothing in common."///

"Individuals with whom we have nothing in common"???????

If he is referring to the white Christian natives of this country, I couldn't agree more.
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/// On a more factual level, when precisely do you think this great country didn't have any fraudsters or murderers living in it?///

It is obvious that no country has been, or is free from fraudsters or murderers, the trouble with this country is, we are not satisfied with our own, we are now importing them at a rapid pace.
I dare say, Geet-Widers' book, 'My Struggle', will contain some tips on what to do.

It is Geet-Widers I'm thinking of isn't it??
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Interesting point regarding the BBC and Channel 4.

It is fair to say that an overwhelming majority (not all) of people who work in the TV industry are politically left of centre. The same applies in the world of music, art, theatre.

Why is that? Why is that creative people - writers, actors, directors, artists, musicians, comedians - tend to be lefties?
Zeuhl - tell him to have one room, (separate from people who know how to behave when the're out), equip it with Sky football, snooker, darts, plastic glasses, plastic tables and chairs, sawdust on the floor (to catch spit and gob) couple of buckets for ashtrays - he'll be fine.
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Quinlad, it doesn't necessarily apply across all media: there are as many rightwing papers as leftwing ones. Traditionally, the leftwing ones were provincial ones and the rightwing ones were London ones, presumably because the provinces were characterised by working people and the capital by cut-throat capitalists (especially media barons). The distinction was muddied when the Manchester Guardian moved to London.

As to whether it applies to broadcast media, I'm not so sure. What is more likely to characterise them is scepticism about all politics, possibly because a lot of them actually meet politicians. A classic case came when Brian Redhead was constantly accused of being a Labour voter and therefore a biased journalist - this during the Tory years. In fact he was just displaying a scepticism that was appropriate to interviewers; it turned out (after his death) that he voted LibDem because he knew and trusted the candidate.

Given that journalists are expected to query the statements of those in power they will often seem to be rooting for the opposite party; it's not always so.

As for comedians and the like... I couldn't say but if their job is to take the urine out of those in power then this may not reflect their own voting practice any more than it does for journalists. The indigent comedian Ben Elton used to mock Thatcher, but who knows how the millionaire media mogul Ben Elton actually votes?
VHG - "As long as we continue to have scum like this (both the husband and the wife) in this country we will move more and more to the right"

so they are having some effect then VHG!
Question Author
What straight forward and sensible answers from both sides.

What a change from all those cheap insults that generally follow my questions.
Bearing in mind the horrors Holland witnessed at the hands of the Nazis during WWII, I find it incredible that he has gained such support. Maybe the Dutch haven't learned, or do not care to remember, the lessons of history. If he did become Prime Minister, and therefore elected through a democratic process, I can't see how our politicians could shun him. I actually find the trend (if it is a trend) quite frightening. There is surely a more civilised way - isn't there?
Quinlad – You suggest that the film 'Fitna' is the equivalent to child p0rn or 'tamps fighting'. Please can you elaborate on this point?

I assume that you consider this film to be as repulsive as the two types of sick movies mentioned above but I would very much like to hear why you believe the comparison to be an honest one.

I've watched Fitna and while I accept it is hardly a documentary and is resolutely one-sided, I also find it difficult to find any factual errors in it either. The film suggests that Islam is a religion predicated on violence. I see no reason to conclude otherwise. As such, I have attempted to briefly summarise the first five minutes of it as follows...

0 – 1.40 – Links 911 to fundamentalist Islam.
1.40– 2.50 – Links the Madrid train bombings to fundamentalist Islam
2.50– 3.50 – Hysterical rant by an Muslim about how Jews should be killed.
3.50– 4.18 – Utterly depressing sight of a 3 year old Muslim girl calling Jews apes and pigs because that is what she has been told.
4.18- 4.37 - Various emotive images of violence perpetrated by follows of Islam.
4.37– 4.48 - Islamic preacher stating that Jews should be slaughtered.
4.48– 5.05 – Various images of Islamic placards; one saying “Hitler Was Right”.

I could go on, but frankly, I can't be bothered because anyone interested can watch it.
If anyone reading thinks that Widers is barking up the wrong tree then maybe those individuals would like to comment on the two Channel 4 'Dispatches' documentaries called, 'Undercover Mosque” and “Undercover Mosque: The Return”.
Just so everyone knows exactly what's being discussed...


Undercover Mosque:

Undercover Mosque: The Return:

You wrote:

"If he is referring to the white Christian natives of this country, I couldn't agree more."

The way I read it (and of course my interpretation may be completely wrong) he's referring to Islamic fanatics, rather than the English.
Question Author

Yes he might have, but then he might not have.

Hence my "IF" he is referring.

Just a play on words, nothing more sinister.

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Geet-Widers arrives in England,

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