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“If We Killed 4000 Palestinian Children It Would Not Be Enough”

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Untitled | 23:17 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | News
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a former advisor to president obama on israel and palestine has been identified as a man abusing halal street vendors in new york...

in the videos he wishes for more dead palestinian children, asks a 24 year old vendor if he has raped his daughter, and threatens them with deportation 

do you agree with him? does mr seldowitz represent the unspoken views of many people in government in the united states and israel? 



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Question Author

videos of his behaviour are here:



gawd I wondered when the baby beheaders would start! THIS WHOLE THING STARTED WITH YOUR HAMAS BUDDIES, end of.

Question Author

do you agree with him?

Suella; Wrong end of stick?

no, typical lefty rowlocks. everything that has hapenned is because of YOUR terrorist friends, end of.

Suella; Who are you addressing?  And is it me or you who is fatm or ossob tonight.

Question Author

Mr seldowitz was director of the national security council under obama and until today worked for a lobbying firm called Gotham Government Relations in his capacity as an expert on israel-palestine... he isn't just some nobody

Obviously a scumbag...must be a MAGA is he?

Question Author

i have never expressed any sympathy with hamas toratoratora and have condemned them repeatedly... by asserting that i am their "friends" you are in fact lying because you have lost the argument. frankly much of what you write on this subject strikes me as very similar in tone to that of mr seldowitz's numerous outbursts.

Question Author

nope this one is presumably a democrat roy

untitled: "by asserting that i am their "friends" you are in fact lying because you have lost the argument. " - once again you 5c lefty types demonstrate your lack of comprehesnion. I'm not "lying" that is my view, the more you protest the more it nails your colours to your pro terrorist mast.

Did he advise Obama to bomb Libya I wonder?

Question Author

and if i don't protest it then you also call me pro-terrorist... it's just a weasel word, a lie and a smear that you use against people who have the temerity to disagree with you. 

Question Author

would seem to fall within his remit roy. i suspect he did. 

Tora, I don't see where you've answered the question? Do you agree with him?

Some rediculous comments once again, TTT.

Your'e as barmy as the ones that won't condem hamas.

Question Author

On november 20th michelle salzman, a lawmaker in florida was asked how many dead innocents would be enough in gaza 

she replied - "all of them"

there is a growing movement in the USA to facilitate the genocide in gaza rather than stop it.

She claims she was reffering to hamas fighters rather than Palestinians.

All this sheeite started with the Hamas terrorists attack on the 7th October.If the Hamas terrorists hadnt started this then there would be no discussion on this issue,no questions or answers on AB.The Hamas terrorists started this,the IDF and the Jewish people will finish it.

I might go and abuse my barber tomorrow and blame hamas.

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“If We Killed 4000 Palestinian Children It Would Not Be Enough”

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