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Dutch Elections

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Khandro | 23:19 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | News
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Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders is on course to win the most votes in parliamentary elections on Wednesday that were dominated by debate around rising immigration in the Netherlands.

Financial Times. Tonight

Finally, the tide seems to be turning?



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Oops.  ^One link will suffice.

If one forces one's way in to a place they know they are not wanted it then seems very fair to blame the individual for being unwelcome when they arrive.


BTW an individual can't really invade it needs a lot of individuals to do that. A veritable tsunami for instance.

 Every muslim believes it by definition of being a muslim. 


No they don't, that's bonkers.

There is though far too many who do believe that. (don't ask how many TCL...makes me think you are soft in the head)

KHANDRO, are you claiming still that Wilders' party won a majority of seats in the Dutch Parliament?

and what exactly is the problem with muslim politicians? 

Keep up, untitled.

if muslims don't integrate and keep to their own communities it is a problem (and i would agree it has destructive consequences) 

but if they then integrate and succeed so well as becoming the london mayor or the first minister of scotland... then it is also a problem apparently. 

a person who subscribes to this double standard has a problem with muslims as people. it isn't a "bold truth" it is a nasty prejudice pure and simple of the same order as that expressed recently by stuart seldowitz.

ROY, "don't ask how many TCL...makes me think you are soft in the head" 


I'm not but if asking for clarification of what is meant by your comments or evidence to substantiate them is beyond your ability, you only have to let me know. 

no go on. what's the problem? lay out what exactly your issue is with muslims being members of parliament. just say it.

NAOMI, looking at the list of Muslim politicians in your Wikipedia link, are they over-represented?

Corby/untitled, you both need to revisit what's already been said - and take a moment to think about it.

you're the one who brought them up. what is your problem with muslims - all muslims as you didn't distinguish between them at all - in political office?

What went on at the below schools have one thing in common...each one of them had a rent-a-mob turn up. I'm firmly of the opinion that this bullying mobs are going to gather in increasing numbers and on increasing occasions.

What other religion acts in this way?

Kettlethorpe High School

Anderton Park primary school

Almondbury Community School

remember it is  chchchchcchcchchch-airt

( actually more like the Parisian /r/ or arabic ghayn - good luck with that one)

piddy we had to leave in order to get what they have been driven to

Untitled - and corby - ask yourself why Pakistan celebrated when Khan was elected mayor of our capital city.  Local boy done good?   No.  He was born here.   Must be something else then.


one of those muslim MPs that appears on the list naomi provided earlier is Zarah Sultana gave an interview to Novara Media (a very left wing news source but hear me out)

here's what she had to say about being a muslim MP... worth reading I think for the naomis of the world

"It's incredibly distressing. There's a pain that is completely attached to that because you are hearing these horrible thoughts that someone not only thinks but is able to send to you knowing that you are going to read it and feel quite bad and they are okay with you feeling that way. Which is incredibly heartbreaking because I do this job to make a positive difference. I got involved in politics - in mainstream politics - because I want to have an NHS that's fully funded, where people are able to get the support that they need, where people are able to live in housing that doesn't have mold or infestation, where we're able to go to university and not worry about the debt that we get, that people are able to get the mental health support that they need. All of these things that we all benefit from. But because of the colour of my skin or the religion that I choose to follow, that somehow is beyond the pale for some people. Which is a difficult thing to process because it is a constant reminder that no matter how hard you work or how good the politics that you have, you will never really be accepted by some elements of society - which is not reflective of the public as a whole of course." 

Just a muslim to naomi. A problem that she's there at all.

untitled, this is the second time on this thread you've insulted me.  If you are incapable of conducting a civil conversation your posts will be removed.

"the term, 'Great Replacement' was coined by the French writer  I have quoted above"

he's a white supremacist khandro. and he might have called it "great replacement" but he didn't invent the theory.... the KKK were saying the same thing back in the 1970s and 1980s through their hideous mouthpiece David Duke as a way of repackaging their ideas. it isn't a coincidence that so many modern neonazis have rallied around the great replacement conspiracy theory - it is central to their ideology. 

What Zarah Sultana had to say on the 7th 8th 9th 10th and 11th of October  wasn't worth listening to.

what is your problem with muslims - any muslim at all - being in parliament or other positions of authority naomi? spell it out. say it. you are the one who brought this up.

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Dutch Elections

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