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//In a speech to supporters peppered with literary allusions, Baudet said the arrogance of the elites had been punished.

"We are standing in the rubble of what was once the most beautiful civilization in the world," //

No,we are not talking about Brexit either!
Notice they still don't know the motive for the Utrecht terrorist attack.
They should call the NZ police.
//Who would have thought it? //

Who indeed? And yet few seem to be asking 'why?'
well done old girl for reading Al Jazeera !

very qatari (*) oriented as they pay for it - pro western.

different points of view - like how the arabs liked being liberated by Col Lawrence - not an awful lot really
Baudet: stupiditeit onbenul Rutte afgestraft

De stupiditeit van „onbenul” Mark Rutte is afgestraft nu Forum voor Democratie (FVD) in één klap bijna „de grootste partij van het land is geworden.”

the stupidity of Mark Rutte has been punished ( oo-er Mrs) FVD is now the largest party in Holland

"Baudet is anti elitist but is part of the elits himself. He is against party machines but served as one himself ...."
oo-er Mrs even more - sounds like St Nigel innit?

apolz to brexiteers for the forrin - but hey it is a different forrin from the burnt bus story so logic dictates I must be allowed one hit
So what is "far-right populism" Is it anyone who disagrees with the NWO liberal elite or are they a bunch of raving Neo Nazi's ?

All this is the fault of right-on liberalism by a minority stomping over the majority. And about time too.
It is right to question what far right means.

It is often hurled about as abuse at anyone who doesn't agree with liberal left ideas. Even if you are centric you are right of the left.
//Notice they still don't know the motive for the Utrecht terrorist attack.
They should call the NZ police.//

I commented on another thread recently with regard to the politcisation of European Police Forces by their Governments, mostly with regards to immigration. It appears the trend in Germany and neighbouring Schengen countries to clam up with regards to motives and culprits. Usually mental illness is the first explanation. Nice Truck atrocity and other attacks by immigrants.
Seeing that the Utrecht killings were close to their elections I am hardly surprised the Dutch police are 'scratching their heads to find a motive'. Obviously the Dutch electorate are not blind.
//Notice they still don't know the motive for the Utrecht terrorist attack.//

Aog on the children on the bus thread gave a little hint to the conveniently flexible language used when he said the “BBC chose to call him [the perpetrator] an 'Italian' bus driver”.
When the jungle mob attacked a coach full of Scottish kids with rocks and iron bars the BBC (4 hrs after everyone else had reported on the incident) claimed the French police were in a running battle with the poor asylum seekers and the coach, sort of, got caught between them.
I'm suspicious where European politics are concerned.
Remember when the right(normal people) won in Austria. Counted the postal votes, landslide for the usual suspects.
Macron came from nowhere with his shiny new anti-establishment party to defeat M.Le Pen. I thought at the time it was a con, seems the French people have caught on now.
And now this character has stopped Geert Wilders from winning the most seats.
Never trust a bally foreigner, I say.

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