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Prince Andrew

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maggiebee | 13:21 Wed 21st Dec 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Prince Andrew: The Musical, all singing, all dancing (none of the sweating). Thursday 29th Dec at 9 pm on Channel 4 & All 4. Will you watch this?


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I might do, it may be quite funny!
Drat! I'm taking my grand-daughter to Pizza Express that evening.
1. No. He has taken enough flack

2. I really dislike musical theatre
Ha ha Ken!
I will, but only to see what they rhyme with Woking. :-)
Good one Ken.
Yes, I’ve set it to be recorded. I like Kieran, who plays P Andrew.
It occurs to me that the score might borrow from Le Quatro Stagioni by Vivaldi.

Extra cheesy of course.
No but because I really hate musicals!
Think I'll give it a miss. It involves two things I'm not keen on....Prince Andrew and musicals.
Which part will he play, or have they taken that off him now?
is it for over 18s only ?
No. It’s crass.
I used to hate Musicals then last year saw "Half a Sixpence" revival and "Flowers for Mrs Harris", both of which I found very enjoyable.

But I won't be watching Andrew as that will undoubtedly resurrect my hatred.
They could get that excellent female singer from the Black Eyed Peas to join the cast.
Doug's just given me my laugh for the day :-)
Chorus of course, of twelve year olds ( old primary).
and he sings to them - I love you all....

and during the chorus, they pat their bottoms, and stick their butts out (*)- and it turns out that the action isnt sexual - they are in fact patting their

and stick their tongues out or pout or make wide eyes whilst PA leers

They arent looking for a choreographer are they?
Le quattro stagioni par Vivaldi
ah - che musica par il prete rosso
( red priest you ignorant proles)
This is in the scene - the telephone scene -
PA is on a mobile ( no wait not LYING on it silly)
music as back ground- musica per tutti - c'e "musica per tutti gusti")
and he is ringing for a taxi ( probz to go to the pizza hosue, no sweat)

and then as the monologue continues it becomes obvious that it is a sex chat line

Are they looking for a second script writer

//No. It’s crass.//

Sounds highly appropriate for Andrew in that case.

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Prince Andrew

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