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The Most Relaxing UK Getaways

However you define a relaxing holiday, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to a UK staycation. Here we take a look at a few options with adults, children and pets in mind when visiting Dorset, Hampshire, and the New Forest.10:19 Wed 25th Aug 2021

UK-USA ESTA Travel Soon Possible

The USA and UK are in talks to permit travel between both countries once more. British citizens don’t need a visa when visiting the USA, but an ESTA.10:42 Fri 11th Jun 2021

Feast of Sant Joan

 If you are in Barcelona for the Feast of Sant Joan be prepared for a very late night with loads of fireworks in the streets and parties around every corner. The Spanish take the Feast of Sant Joan, or the celebration of the Summer Solstice, very seriously. It is a Bank Holiday and there is no way you will be able...16:45 Thu 20th Apr 2017

Skimp On Travel Insurance At Your Own Peril

Most sensible holiday makers know the value of investing in travel insurance; even if nothing happens there is always that feeling of security and knowing that if the worst does happen you will not have to fork out an arm and a leg to fix an arm and a leg. However, around 3 million people a year still do not get t...12:45 Thu 05th Jan 2012

Holiday Trauma And How To Avoid It

Forgotten passports, chalet keys left at home and getting sick these are just a few of the things we hope won’t happen to us on holiday but invariably do. It seems we are plagued by holiday trauma as a nation and it takes around a day and a half to get over it. A recent report from a leading credit card company ...12:45 Wed 04th Jan 2012

Lost Luggage Worst During Holiday Season

The festive season is, for many, a time for seeing friends and family, but for some it means getting away from the pressures of family life and spending a couple of weeks in the sun or somewhere just not at home! However, the best laid plans of those who choose to leave home during the holidays can go awry with the Ch...10:30 Wed 04th Jan 2012

Christmas In Cyprus

While we all want something like a picture-postcard White-Christmas most of us have resigned to the fact we're probably not going to get it.Failing this most of us would settle for a pleasant atmosphere and a secluded spot. The holiday season should be a time to relax with family rather than having to deal with the Chr...15:45 Mon 16th Aug 2010

Football Holidays, Beach Holidays and Hotels in Barcelona

Spain Spain, for many Brits, is the number one destination for an annual holiday. With lots of great cities, rich culture and bustling beach resorts in the south, Spain is the perfect destination for those who want to try something new. Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Seville are some of Spain’s biggest and brightest c...15:45 Mon 16th Aug 2010


Lanzarote Located in the most northern part of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is a hugely popular holiday destination for the ’18-30’ generation looking for sun, sand, music and alcohol. Holidays in Lanzarote aren't all about beaches and booze though. Granted, holidaymakers flock here to laze on the soft golden sa...15:45 Mon 16th Aug 2010

Stirling Castle Holiday

A national Scottish treasure, Stirling Castle is one of the nation's grandest tourist attractions, enticing thousands of people each year into paying a visit.Located north of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the castle presides over the local countryside on a commanding rock. The elevated position of the castle affords visitors ...12:55 Fri 09th Jul 2010

Cyprus Winter Holiday

Cyprus Winter HolidayThere’s no denying that at some point during our harsh British winter, most of us will dream of escaping the freezing temperatures in exchange for a couple of weeks abroad.If you want to turn this winter dream into a reality then you should consider a winter holiday in the magnificent country of ...10:46 Mon 05th Jul 2010

Eden Project

The Eden Project is an iconic environmental project in the UK. It has three main areas devoted to different types of plant found around the world; The Rainforest Biome, The Mediterranean Biome and the Outdoor Biome. The site includes the world's largest greenhouse. Much of the project, including both greenhouses, is av...14:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


The Eurostar has changed the way people travel to Europe. It is a high-speed passenger rail service connecting London with Paris and Brussels. All its trains cross under the English Channel via the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France, owned and operated separately by Eurotunnel. Eurostar offers seventeen weekday ...13:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010

Secluded Cyprus Villa Holidays

When someone says that they want to go on holiday to “get away from it all”, they normally mean they want to get away from work and dreary English weather.There are those who take this saying to the extreme, and when it comes to booking their holiday accommodation they find the most isolated and secluded destinatio...10:07 Thu 27th May 2010

Value for Money – Cyprus Villas

Value for Money – Cyprus VillasCyprus is a magnificent island that offers an amazing combination of ancient culture and a modern thriving European community. Add a few stunning beaches and year round sun into the mix and you have a perfect holiday location for all types of holidaymakers.There are many different kinds...10:07 Thu 27th May 2010

Cycling in Cyprus

Cycling in CyprusIf you’re looking for an alternative way to see the magnificent landscapes of Cyprus then a bike trip may be the activity for you.There are many shops dotted around Cyprus that deal with bike rentals and their rates are often very cheap. You can even book ahead and have your bikes delivered and ready...10:07 Thu 27th May 2010

Accessing the Internet on Holiday

Accessing the Internet on HolidayIt seems that even when we go on holiday to “get away from it all” there is still a part of us that craves some of the modern amenities that we take for granted back home. Gone are the days when local phone boxes, combined with inoperable calling cards, were the only way to keep in ...10:07 Thu 27th May 2010

A Guide to a Perfect Poolside Holiday in Cyprus

A Guide to a Perfect Poolside HolidayWhen the day at the beach is over and you and your family head home, wouldn’t it be nice to return to your own private swimming pool where you can cool off and relax Although renting a villa with a pool may seem like an expensive undertaking, it is relatively easy to find a Cyprus...10:07 Thu 27th May 2010

A Guide to the Perfect Golf Holiday in Cyprus

A Guide to the Perfect Golf Holiday in CyprusThere’s nothing quite like a round of golf in the sun, but unfortunately this magnificent sport can only be experienced at its best during the summer months.But fear not, golf fans, as some of the best courses in the world can be found in Cyprus, with the added bonus of be...10:07 Thu 27th May 2010

Cyprus Holiday Guide: Driving in Cyprus

Cyprus Holiday Guide: Driving in CyprusCyprus is an island filled with scenic views, lush Mediterranean backdrops and an understated charm that can be experienced across this magnificent country.If you would like to discover the wonderful sights dotted around the island, there is no better way to do so than by car.Ther...10:07 Thu 27th May 2010

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