Cycling in Cyprus

10:07 Thu 27th May 2010 |

Cycling in Cyprus

If you’re looking for an alternative way to see the magnificent landscapes of Cyprus then a bike trip may be the activity for you.

There are many shops dotted around Cyprus that deal with bike rentals and their rates are often very cheap. You can even book ahead and have your bikes delivered and ready at your accommodation for when you arrive. In most cases your bikes will come with helmets, pumps, water bottles spare tubes and repair kits, as well as a telephone number to call if you have any problems during your ride.

Pre-Ride Preparation

Prior to setting out on your ride you should perform a series of safety and equipment checks on your own, without the aid of the local cycle dealership.

These checks will allow you to see if your bikes are suited to you and are in good riding condition.

1)    Make sure the bike is the right height for you and your children.
2)    Check the saddle height – can the rider touch the ground with their heels?
3)    Ensure both tyres on your bike are pumped up. You should barely be able to squeeze the sides of the tyre with your finger and thumb.
4)    Make sure that the tyre treads aren’t worn out.
5)    Check that the breaks are in working order.
6)    Make sure that the alignment between handlebar and front tyre is correct.
7)    Make sure you have helmets/knee pads.
8)    It is probably going to be very hot – bring enough liquids to last you the journey!

Biking in the Summer

We don't advise biking in the heat of high summer, but for the rest of the year Cyprus is ideal for cycling enthusiasts. If you do ride on a very hot day make sure you bring a lot of water along to keep you hydrated. If you believe that you're fitness levels aren't up to the high-demands of biking in the Cypriot heat then opt out of the activity.

Using Bikes as Primary Mode of Transport

Bikes are a great (and cheap) way of getting around while you’re in Cyprus. They are particularly useful if you’re accommodation is only a short trip away from the local attractions.

As previously noted, the motorists in Cyprus are (mostly) considerate of cyclists, and a distinct lack of cars in the more remote locations means you won’t be harassed by angry drivers too often.

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