A Guide to a Perfect Poolside Holiday in Cyprus

10:07 Thu 27th May 2010 |

A Guide to a Perfect Poolside Holiday

When the day at the beach is over and you and your family head home, wouldn’t it be nice to return to your own private swimming pool where you can cool off and relax?

Although renting a villa with a pool may seem like an expensive undertaking, it is relatively easy to find a Cyprus villa at a price that won’t blow your holiday budget.

Keeping the Kids Entertained

It’s a fact that kids love swimming, so having a private pool is a great way to keep them entertained while you’re not at the beach or enjoying other activities.

Make sure you bring pool inflatable’s with you – rubber rings, lilos and beach balls are essential if you want the kids to stay entertained when using the pool. They won’t take up too much suitcase room either, and at the end of the holiday you can leave them behind for the next family to use. Some villas will come with inflatable’s anyway, so make sure you check with the rental company prior to packing them.

If you have younger children then it is important that someone keeps an eye on their activities while swimming. Accidents can happen, so it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is also advisable that you bring your own first aid kid to tend to any cuts and bruises that crop up from pool use.

Pool Heating

Depending on where you visit and at what time of year it is, you may or may not need a heated pool. If you’re going on holiday outside of the summer you may need to find a villa that comes with a heated pool, otherwise it may be too cold to use in the mornings and late evening.

Traditionally the heating system will be maintained on a regular basis by a local company, so don’t worry about having to turn it on or fix it. Most heated pools come with a timer system that means they will be heated at fixed points throughout the day.

It shouldn’t cost you more to have a heated pool opposed to an unheated one, particularly as you will be visiting in the off-season when rental rates are greatly reduced in comparison to peak times.

Recycle Your Towels!

You always think you have enough towels to last the holiday, but with beach trips and plenty of action in the pool towels can quickly become a rare commodity.

A great way to make sure you never run out of towels is to get everyone to hang them to dry after use. Kids are notorious for slinging their towels across the room and forgetting about them.

If you regularly do this you will always have a fresh supply of towels for use after a shower, at the beach and for when you get out of the pool.

Finding the Right Poolside Villa for you

If you're looking for the perfect poolside villa in Cyprus, your first visit should be to Rent Cyprus Villas. Anyone looking to add an "edge" to their Cyprus holiday will be in luck with Rent Cyprus Villas, as they offer a huge range of luxury villas across the island, some with heated pools and others without.

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