A Guide to the Perfect Golf Holiday in Cyprus

10:07 Thu 27th May 2010 |

A Guide to the Perfect Golf Holiday in Cyprus

There’s nothing quite like a round of golf in the sun, but unfortunately this magnificent sport can only be experienced at its best during the summer months.

But fear not, golf fans, as some of the best courses in the world can be found in Cyprus, with the added bonus of being in perfect playing conditions all year round.

So if golfing in the sun sounds like a holiday to you, why not book a fantastic golfing getaway?

Golf holidays have become a popular staple with male holidaymakers all over the world; this is evident in the number of world-class golf courses being built to capitalise on such a lucrative industry.

Pre-Flight Preparation

If you’re going on a golf holiday you need to remember one critical item – golf clubs. However, it can be expensive to transport your golf clubs on the plane, adding another extra cost to your holiday. Fortunately, many golf courses will allow you to hire a set of clubs for the day, costing no more than 20 Euros for a set of good quality clubs.


Traditionally, most groups going on a golf holiday will be quite big, often 10 or more people travelling at once, so suitable accommodation is a must. It can be difficult when it comes to finding accommodation for such large groups, especially in hotels and other resorts where groups may be split up. One way to avoid this scenario is to rent a villa that sleeps a large number of people.

Staying in a villa gives you and your party the freedom to get up, get ready and leave when you want – and best of all it means that no one will get left behind before you all head out for the day!

Renting a villa in Cyprus gives you the ability to “custom build” your holiday experience, like finding a villa with a swimming pool, bar and games room for added entertainment when the golfing day draws to a close.


When you’re with such a large group you don’t want to be relying on public transport to get you around, so the best option is to rent a couple of cars for your party. This gives you an easy way to get around the island and the freedom to go where you want, when you want.

Renting a car in Cyprus is easy to do, with a number of helpful car rental firms dotting the island. Make sure you shop around for the best rental details before you make a booking, and try to quote other companies prices so that you get the best deal.


With the pre-flight preparations aside, what you do on your Cyprus holiday is entirely up to you. Cyprus is a wonderful island that caters for all tastes, whether you’re looking to get away to relax in the sun or spend your time visiting bars and clubs, there will be something for you.

If you’re looking to rent a Cyprus villa for your golf holiday, you should visit Rent Cyprus Villas. Rent Cyprus Villas have a wide range of luxury villas all over the island, allowing you to custom build your own Cyprus holiday to make sure that you are situated near to the best golf courses.

Happy golfing!


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