Stirling Castle Holiday

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A national Scottish treasure, Stirling Castle is one of the nation's grandest tourist attractions, enticing thousands of people each year into paying a visit.

Located north of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the castle presides over the local countryside on a commanding rock. The elevated position of the castle affords visitors great panoramic views from its turrets.

Inside, the castle's Great Hall has been restored to give visitors an idea of how it would have looked in the 1500s. There is also a medieval kitchen, cafe and displays on the history of the building for guests to enjoy.

Due to its good condition, most parts of the castle are open for tourists to look around. Those using wheelchairs will not be able to access the medieval kitchens and Elphinstone Tower.

History buffs will be able to appreciate the castle's importance in Scotland's heritage. It was at Stirling Castle the eighth Earl of Douglas was killed by James II in 1452 and Mary Queen of Scots spent her childhood here.

Stirling Castle Location

Motorists can reach Stirling by car. From the south, the M9 runs from Edinburgh and the M80 goes to the city from Glasgow. Those driving from Perth in the north can use the A9.

There is a train service to Stirling from Waverley and Haymarket, which run every 30 minutes. Alternatively, there are busses running from these locations on an hourly basis. There is also a bus service from Glasgow, which takes around 45 minutes.

International visitors can use Edinburgh Airport to travel to Stirling, which is around 60 miles from the city.

Why Visit Stirling Castle?

Visiting Stirling Castle is an opportunity to relate the history of Scotland documented in books to real life. It is a fascinating building and the displays erected around the castle help bring to life the old corridors and chambers. Furthermore, there are guided tours visitors can take part in, which will add further insight into this attraction.

The castle has facilities, such as a cafe, to make the attraction a full day out. It accommodates school trips and is located in front of a large grass area, which is perfect for picnics in the summertime - weather permitting.

Furthermore, Stirling is not too far from Edinburgh, which has a famous castle of its own, for those planning a twin-city break.

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