Secluded Cyprus Villa Holidays

10:07 Thu 27th May 2010 |

When someone says that they want to go on holiday to “get away from it all”, they normally mean they want to get away from work and dreary English weather.

There are those who take this saying to the extreme, and when it comes to booking their holiday accommodation they find the most isolated and secluded destinations to wind down in.


If you want to spend most of your holiday pottering around the pool, it would be safe to say that you’d rather not be overlooked by any neighbouring villas. This isn’t always an option in the more ‘built-up’ areas of Cyprus, so opting for a villa a little further out of town might be the best option for you.

A secluded villa is also great for those that want to escape the hustle and bustle surrounding the local towns. Many secluded villas offered by Rent Cyprus Villas are located just a short distance from local hubs, but at the same time are distant enough for you to avoid too much noise.

Of course, because of their location you will need to get regular taxis or rent your own vehicle for travel around the island.

Benefits of a Secluded Villa

The most important aspect of any secluded villa is its distinctly quieter location, opposed to villas located in and around towns. But these aren’t the only benefits of staying in a secluded villa, as their locations normally offer terrific views of Cyprus’ beautiful landscapes – perfect for those “hands on” holidaymakers who enjoy walks and bike rides.

Even though these villas are a little more out of the way than most, you can still expect to find a swimming pool and a host of modern amenities that you would find in any other villa.

Another benefit of renting a secluded villa is that it allows you and your family to take things at your own pace. There are no mad rushes for the pool, there isn’t any need to scramble and fight for food in the hotel canteen – you can just relax and go about your holiday as you please. Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

If you want to look at a number of options for secluded villas around Cyprus, you should visit Rent Cyprus Villas. Here you will be able to find a host of luxury villas, secluded from the noise and mad rush that can be found in the local towns.

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