Holiday Trauma And How To Avoid It

12:45 Wed 04th Jan 2012 |
Forgotten passports, chalet keys left at home and getting sick these are just a few of the things we hope won’t happen to us on holiday but invariably do. It seems we are plagued by holiday trauma as a nation and it takes around a day and a half to get over it.
A recent report from a leading credit card company has researched holiday stress and the effect it has on the poor unwitting victims and found that nine out of ten UK holiday makers worry about foreign travel.
The largest causes of stress were found to be losing luggage and arguments with family, along with actually travelling itself these accounted for more than 40 per cent of trauma for holiday makers.
Organising the holiday was stressful for about 16 per cent while only three per cent found the adjustment to a new environment and culture a problem.
Delayed flights caused trauma for almost two thirds of travellers and just over a third found their hotels were less salubrious than advertised.
"Many people go on holiday to escape the stresses of modern life, only to confront them when they embark on their journey," said a leading psychologist.
How to avoid stress on holiday:
Make a list of what to take and stick to it – include essential items like tickets, passports, credit cards and cash as well as sun block, underwear and toiletries.
Read up on your destination – include a visit to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for up to date information.
Leave for the airport in plenty of time – make sure you check in as early as possible this will help avoid lost luggage as well.
Get travel insurance – make sure it covers everything you plan to do such as extreme sports and also what you are covered for in the event of accident or theft.
Have a great time!! 

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