Accessing the Internet on Holiday

10:07 Thu 27th May 2010 |

Accessing the Internet on Holiday

It seems that even when we go on holiday to “get away from it all” there is still a part of us that craves some of the modern amenities that we take for granted back home. Gone are the days when local phone boxes, combined with inoperable calling cards, were the only way to keep in contact while abroad.

The internet revolution has given us the ability to talk to friends on different continents, keep up to date with the latest news and allows us to work remotely when we can’t get into the office.

Many people who go on holiday will take a laptop or Smartphone with them so that they can access the internet, but this can result in huge roaming charges that will cost you when you arrive back home.

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can connect to the internet in a different country and save yourself a packet in the process.

Accommodation with Internet Access

Many hotels and villas come with a computer and/or internet access as a standard, although your holiday destination will determine whether the area has internet access or not.

When researching accommodation options for your holiday, make sure that if you need internet access you find a place to stay that has a suitable connection. Speed and reliability may also prove to be issues in countries that do not have widespread internet access.

Some hotels may provide internet access from a “business centre”, where you can access computers, print and use the internet for a small charge. If you stay in a villa, however, expect internet usage to be thrown in with the overall price of the accommodation rather than a tacked on charge.

Connect with a Mobile Broadband Device (Dongle)

Essentially, mobile broadband is accessible anywhere that the mobile operator offering it has mobile phone coverage. Thus, mobile broadband can be used in the UK as well as in selected countries overseas.
Wireless broadband is another option in an increasing number of destinations, with wi-fi hotspots popping up in many hotels, coffee shops and public areas. If your laptop is wireless-enabled you can access wi-fi very easily in many European cities.
Internet cafes are another option. Cheap and cheerful though they may be, internet cafes do not offer the "anytime-anywhere" flexibility often sought by heavy-use business and personal users.

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