Cyprus Winter Holiday

10:46 Mon 05th Jul 2010 |

Cyprus Winter Holiday

There’s no denying that at some point during our harsh British winter, most of us will dream of escaping the freezing temperatures in exchange for a couple of weeks abroad.

If you want to turn this winter dream into a reality then you should consider a winter holiday in the magnificent country of Cyprus.

Superb weather all year round

Cyprus is a country renowned for its year-round sunshine, beautiful coastline and rich historic background, making it the perfect location to visit for all kinds of holidaymakers.

This wonderful country has a number of fantastic locations to visit, some of which can be found here 

Cyprus is the ideal location for a winter getaway as accommodation and flights are normally reduced in price during the “off season” months, meaning that you could save a packet on a week’s getaway to one of the island’s scenic locations.


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