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nailit | 18:39 Sat 14th Aug 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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Justify it?


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No. You go first. You have read all the books .
Question Author
//No. You go first//
I can't.
Nailit, I’d give you best answer for that if I could.
Oh goody goody Naomi :-)
It’s a miracle! Anne’s smiling. :o)
Question Author
Can't imagine Anne smiling in real life...
Off topic folks .
It doesn't exist. It's a fiction created to scare the masses into subservience.
Ah hell. I can imagine worse. An eternity in the company of those who preach it. What I do not care to imagine is what they've done to think anyone deserves it.
oh oh I have one:
who needs hell when we have AB ?
ter daah
oh god Hell is being played the gay banter from AB's usual sus[ects for eight hours a day

( thx Kenny Everett, 1965 - over the pirates radio legislation of yore)
Jean Paul Satre said - 'He'll is other people...'

He must have been on one of Theland's threads!!!
Hell is Gods punishment for sin.
But you knew that didn't you?
ThelandHell is Gods punishment for sin.

In that case I recon that 99.9% of people are heading straight to hell.
The road is wide and easy.
Hell is the stick theists use to beat people into submission with.
//The road is wide and easy.//

I thought the road was long with many a winding turn.
Hell is real.
It is reserved for those who reject Jesus Christ.
//Hell is real.
It is reserved for those who reject Jesus Christ.//

So it has way less gullible people there than the alternative. Sounds like a selling point, they should put that in the brochure.
So many can't resist to attempt humorous comments, when it is God who has that last laugh.

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