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fiveleaves | 14:36 Sun 15th Aug 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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Justify it?


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It's a threat, motivation, crutch, security, aim... for those that need them.
For you to find out......or not.
Have you thought it through?

I'm an atheist, I don't have to justify it - you do.
Have you got free will in heaven?
Can you reject it if you want?
(Like Adam and Eve)
If not, why not?

Do angels still have free will?

The Bible tells me that there was a war in heaven, How perfect is it then?

After a billion years of telling God how wonderful he is, can I leave?

Will I see my mum in hell?

Got some more questions if your interested in actually answering, as opposed to just posting hit and run questions.
(Havnt heard of the jw for a while)

Fiveleaves, how do you expect non-believers to justify something that they think doesn't exist? You're the believer, you justify it.
If I became a Christian tonight fiveleaves,
and then died in my sleep,
I would hope to wake up in glory right?
(my old evangelical speak)

Would I be met with my old unbelieving mum?
Or Jesus who has assigned her to eternal flames?

Whats your point, fiveleaves?
fiveleaves, come back!
You havnt thought it through have you?

How can I be happy in heaven knowing that your God is hurting my parents by burning them (for eternity dont forget) and they shall NEVER be let free.
How could I possibly be happy and (clappy) and sing praises and hallelujah's to your your God?

Would you even THINK of holding a flame over your cancer ridden mother for even a second?
Or holding a flame over your heart diseased father for a second?
What about an eternity?
Thats what both of my parents died of...cancer and heart disease and if you want wish to add flames on top then I suggest that you need help....
If you could hold a flame over either a heart diseased person or a cancer patient, for more than a few moments, then get back to me and THEN tell me why you worship a God that does it for all eternity.
And justify it!

(and please dont quote Hitler et al...just concentrate on the millions of ordinary people that God has designated to hell for his own always bible quotes on request)
Well, I'm giessing that fiveleaves was just having a little troll with us.
OK, here's the deal. In short:

Aliens came, they fought amongst themselves, one was "cast down". Satan !
The others ruled over different parts of the world, hence the various religions. Some "gods" were relatively benign, some were not.
This is why Star Trek has the Prime Directive. (-;
//Well, I'm giessing that fiveleaves was just having a little troll with us. //
Guess so Mozz.
How anyone would think that spending an ETERNITY in heaven worshiping a tyrant (who at the same time is burning your family) is normal, has to be a little bit nutty.

Either a troll or a fundie.
One of the two unfortunate ones.
Come back fiveleaves. Answer the questions put to you
(as per 1 Peter 3:16).
Why should anyone justify it?

In my mind there are three options to “does heaven exist”

A) someone believes it does - (therefore they don’t need to hear justification)

B) someone believes it doesn’t (then won’t be interested in nor need justification)

C) someone is unsure (in which case they can do there on soul searching)

*their. (Not there)
//In my mind there are three options to “does heaven exist”//
Avoiding the question...
Which was JUSTIFY IT?
Nobody alive at this moment, are allowed in. Apparently you have to be dead first. After you.....

//Nobody alive at this moment, are allowed in. Apparently you have to be dead first. After you..... //
No different from other myths of the time then?
Vallhaleh, muslim paradise etc?
Doesn’t exist.

I know I’m going to get torn to shreds for this, but hey ho, I honestly think people who believe in god and heaven have a mental illness. I really do.

I struggle with with the concept that without a single shred of evidence people believe this nonsense.

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