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marval | 17:44 Sun 27th May 2018 | Jokes
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My friend went to a camouflage exhibition yesterday. I will have to ask him how he found it.

I don’t see the point in big, ugly animals with wide mouths and stubby legs. I think I am just hippocritical.

My friend was telling me the other day about a new craft film he’s making. It is called Harry Wizard, and he is a potter.

A couple of chairs go into a restaurant and the waiter asks, “A table for two?”

I have just surgically attached two prison inmates. It was con fusing.

My friend has just quit his job in a brake pad factory. There was too much friction in the place.

I went to a swingers party last night in my army uniform I had to leave my khakis in the bowl.

Since I lost my job my whole life has been Pointless, followed by Eggheads at six.

I am developing a complex formula that reduces four letter words to just two. It is good to go at the moment.

I have recently read a fantastic book on how to blow up balloons. But the sequel was a letdown.


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You must be nearly at the end of your book now Marval! Lol....
Question Author
The end is nigh, as they say.
Those camouflage pants certainly turn some heads!:-)
There has to be a Book 2 Marvel.............
Question Author
I will see what I can do Shaglene.

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