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Brexiteers Destroyed Britains Future, Says Former Bank Of England Govenor'

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gulliver1 | 13:29 Thu 25th Apr 2024 | News
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Mark Carney  "I know this from the time I spent in the UK as Govenor of the BOE.Where for years the rallying cry of Brexiteers has broken Britain and was the start of tearing down the future of Britain. It wasn't broken so why did the Brexiteers try to fix it



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Lefties don't hate the country by pointing out things that need putting right, quite the opposite. But it suits the Hard Right to relentlessly hurl such insults as a smoke screen to hide Tory incompetence and greed. 
21:20 Thu 25th Apr 2024

People with friends in high places, who suddenly find themselves with a change to cope with, do like to ignore the will of the people and spout nonsense against the best thing done for the nation for ages. It's getting boring now.

So that's what he said.  So what?  Millions disagree with him

Carney - the (not even British) bitter failure says ........

it is highly doubtful that britain has a future to ruin to be quite honest.

14:45, never miss a chance eh?

it's what i think tora. i am sorry if that offends you but i think you need to grow up a bit and accept that other people have different opinions than yours.

Your lefty buddies are about to get in you don't seem to have have much confidence.

Only in the UK do people rubbishe their own country so much all the time.

we are..

4th largest exporter

6th Military power

9th Manufacturer

English is the language of the world, of science of engineering of air traffic.

The channel is full of people literally dying to get here yet we have lefty EW denigrating ourselves all the time even when they are about to gain power.

How high up the lists would we need to be for you to like your country untitled? Why do you even live in such a decaying cess pit?

i refer you to the statistics above... which are referenced and have links for further reading. they do not suggest a country in good health to me. plus the union with scotland is held together with paperclips now... a stiff breeze will end it.

you are in the wealthier end of the population and so quite naturally you think everything is fine because everything's great for you. i'm afraid for most people things aren't so rosy. in my opinion the country is finished. I await to see what will come next but I don't think britain has much life in it to be really honest.

what do you mean by "finished" what does that look like?

that link is just a lefty rant because we are trying to do something about the illegal invasion or the sick note culture.

end of union with scotland and NI 

brain drain and large scale emigration by younger people

severe economic crisis due to ageing population 

collapsing infrastructure and widespread poverty alongside levels of wealth inequality akin to Mexico or Brazil

untitled: "end of union with scotland and NI " - Ain't going to happen, the SNP will be out next GE. Even if it did it's about 10% reduction in pupulation and we'd save a fortune not subsidising them.

"brain drain and large scale emigration by younger people" - funny we are applying for ever greater numbers of visas for young grads from all over the world My bank is expanding London buildings greatly what is the source of this doom and gloom?

"severe economic crisis due to ageing population" - you may have a point there, we do have an aging population. That is why we are clambing down on the sick note culture and the WSS generally

"collapsing infrastructure and widespread poverty alongside levels of wealth inequality akin to Mexico or Brazil" - you mean you hope for that, no sign of it. You been reading the Observer again?

10,000 people a year hospitalised by scurvy or rickets
stagnating incomes
1% wealthiest as rich as 70% of the remaining population
140,000 people waiting 12 hours or more in a&e every year (this number was 17 in 2011)
massive explosion in long-term sickness
schools crumbling due to lack of maintenance
children dying of mould exposure
collapsing biodiversity
huge amounts of sewage being poured into our waterways
300,000 homeless people, half of whom are children
3 million relying on food banks

our trains are awful and filthy, nothing works, our infrastructure is falling apart and low quality due to years of underinvestment.

sorry tora but you won't convince me. i do not think these things can be true of a country in good health and those figures are far more in line with what i see around me on a daily basis. i am sure that where you are, everything looks hunky-dory. but it doesn't to me. i think this country is in a very very bad state indeed.

note i do not think all of this is because of brexit just to be clear

I'm not trying to convince you, I know you are a Britain hating lefty. I have no idea why you choose to live here. No doubt you'll be voting Labour but clearly you don't think they'll make things any better anyway.

I wonder why you continue to live here, untitled.  You sound utterly miserable with life.

//it is highly doubtful that britain has a future to ruin to be quite honest//

Whaddya mean? - All the new boat people will start up successful small businesses, get jobs in industry, expand the economy. Britain will be the new powerhouse of global industry. 4th placed for exports - phooey! 3rd place next year.  Go Britain Go!

the people i love and care for are here naomi. plus for better or worse this place is my home, however it ends up. the fact that i think it is badly governed and feel pessimistic does not mean i dislike the people around me or wish to be apart from my loved ones.

typical tory response though lol. "why don't you leave then"... it's as much my country as it is yours i'm afraid. 

it just seems that you think we are the worst country in the world. Why punish yourself?

Untitled...if you had the chance where would you move to.

Untitled, you're making it up again.  I didn't say 'why don't you leave?'.  I said I wonder why you continue to live here.  Now I know.  It must be awful being so discontent though.  Quite sad really.

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Brexiteers Destroyed Britains Future, Says Former Bank Of England Govenor'

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