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Day Trippers Will Have To Pay €5 To Visit Venice....

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naomi24 | 13:35 Thu 25th Apr 2024 | News
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.....under scheme designed to protect it from excess tourism.


//Authorities in Venice have been accused of transforming the famous lagoon city into a “theme park” as a long-mooted entrance fee for day trippers comes into force.

Venice is the first major city in the world to enact such a scheme. The €5 (£4.30) charge, which comes into force today, is aimed at protecting the Unesco world heritage site from the effects of excessive tourism by deterring day trippers and, according to the mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, making the city “livable” again.//


Will it have any effect?   It does get horrendously busy in high season but day trippers I think are mostly those coming on cruise ships, so I doubt it will work.   Apart from that it's less than the price of a cup of coffee there so it certainly wouldn't deter me.  I love the place.  



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On principle, I'd give it a miss. There are plenty of other places in the world to go. And if they do that maybe my local area should charge a fee to tourists wanting to wander in & look around. Fair's fair after all.

Not enough, needs to be more like EUR 300.

I doubt if the charge will deter visitors who want to visit Venice - the city is on the agenda for many trips from mainland resorts.  As Naomi states, it's an expensive place so £4.30 won't seem a big outlay.

I heard it's about 7 quid for a cup of coffee! Venice - no thanks.

well 5 Euros is fair enough but it always makes me laugh when these places moan about tourism. Talk about bite the hand that feeds!

it seems reasonable to me

I was planning a walking holiday in Venice, and this has really put me off 😉

well Gromit you could always book a watersports holiday in Ulaanbaatar!

I do not think it will work.  If you have travelled all the way to Italy a fee of less than a fiver is not going to put most off.  It sounds to me as if it is simply a tourist tax.

Didn't you know - Gromit can walk on water!😁

if you're on a cruise liner they'll simply have added the charge to the cost of the holiday; nobody''s going to notice €5 when they're paying hundreds or thousands. But if it goes to the city, maybe it will help.

Long term, they may have to close off the entrances to the lagoon with something like Thames barriers, to control the flooding that's already happening, and build port facilities somewhere like Chioggia. Day trippers can get round on motor boats and should pay a lot more than €5 - €50 might be better, the city's worth it.

over rated over priced, smells....

Fender, how did you access my client reviews?!

It wouldn't stop me and maybe it depends on what time of the year you go - I went in March for 3 days, had lovely springlike weather. No smells, canals looked clean, wasn't robbed, had  delicious hot chocolates and cannolis right next to the Rialto Bridge that cost no more than if I was in the centre of Bournemouth and I found the whole place totally magical. Everyone shoud go there once IMO.

I love Venice too. I would happily pay €5.

I think they should stop the cruise ships. 

Artisans are experimenting with the development of the stable inflatable shoe to allow low-impact visits.

Prudie, the charge is only going to apply on 29 days, it seems, which is remarkably few and I don't see it making that much money;height=1200&fit=crop

PS. I wouldn't think of going anywhere "for a day" - what 's the point - you can get a better experience watching TV documentaries.

nothing like being somewhere yourself; even Michael Palin doesn't get to do my travelling for me.

Mind you, a few years back we were having tea in a nomads' encampment in the Sudanese desert, and someone asked if they'd seen many Europeans before. They said "Oh yes, Joanna Lumley was here last month."

"Talk about bite the hand that feeds!"

It was pointed out that day trippers contribute very little to a local economy. This in any case is more like a nibble 

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Day Trippers Will Have To Pay €5 To Visit Venice....

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