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Prince Andrew

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calmck | 18:16 Thu 13th Jan 2022 | News
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Just seen a news flash. Andrew stripped of all military honours by HM


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The whole kit and kaboodle should be done away with - end of!
I don't know what Prince Andrew is or isn't guilty of, indeed none of us do, but as sure as God made green apples, she's looking to get wealthy out of this.

In that picture of them with his hand around his waist she's grinning from ear to ear which does not correlate with her version of being there by force, nor is she dressed terribly respectably. If I were being introduced to a Prince I wouldn't be flashing my midriff.

She also asserted that during an encounter in a London Nightclub she and he were dancing and he went to the bar a couple of times to fetch a drink. Prince Andrew has likely never queued at a bar for a drink in his life and said London venue is not the type of establishment where VIPs queue at the bar - they are served their drinks at a table.

I'll withhold judgement for the time being. Innocent until proven guilty.
We seem to be reaching the target of a slimmed down monarchy somewhat earlier than expected. In all of this there are two other people I feel so sorry for. Beatrice and Eugenie. I hope their husbands are supporting them through this as it must be so difficult hearing what the country thinks of their father.

I suspect this will not go away unless Andrew admits on a major tv show he was guilty, ( it won't be oprah!) and apologises With suitable buckets of fake tears to the young woman in question. As for the multi million settlement she will be aiming for, bearing in mind the Americans seem to have no idea about how wealthy or not the lesser Royals may be she possibly thinks in terms of oil sheik money rather than low level millionare.
1ozzy - PA is too arrogant and pompous to be in control of anything other than his own shoe laces.
Edward has the right idea - lie low, keep out of the limelight, just enjoy your life of luxury.
The lady in question has also stated she is not looking for financial settlement I believe ? and when one is being controlled through fear then one would smile at the camera when required ..and dress as instructed..I only know what I read and may be quite wrong in my take on it... but clearly PA has something to hide or he would have dealt with this and put it to bed ...excuse the pun...many moons ago
Not sure he can actually cope with his own shoelaces LadyJ.

Who knows?
lol @ 1ozzy.
Well, if I were Royalty I would guarantee I'd have a shoe lace lacky.

Isn't she already quite wealthy LCG?
My understanding is she wants her day in court and not him buying himself out of it.
I agree with mm on this I think.
Prince Charles will have given that he has, apparently, a toothbrush flunkey.
Ladybirder, the youngish lady in question owns a house that was bought for a million plus dollars.
Go figure?
no one comes out of this with any dignity....
I don't think PA has much to lose by going to court. He has already been judged guilty of any offence that may have been committed by public opinion & the court could award a (much) lesser financial penalty than it would take to settle prior.
DTC - The 'toothpaste flunkie' dates back to the time when Charles had his arm in a sling after a polo injury and had someone to put paste on his brush.

This has passed into urban folklore that PC enjoys that luxury today, he denies it.
What about his 6 boiled eggs for breakfast so that he could get one that was just right? (No I don't believe it either!)
"Choux, my point is why is this happening now - before the case has been considered?

The idea presumably is to dissociate the brand from the legal proceedings about to take place.
Ruthless but there you go.
It's not going to happen though is it, ich. He'll always be known as Prince Andrew, son of the queen, brother to the heir.
But "as far away as possible" is the best they can do.
nd reading some of those letters from the military plainly they have finally had an effect

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Prince Andrew

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