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He's acting a coward, hiding behind Mummy.
A lot of people will always try to deny anything they are accused of, and he can afford the lawyers who will try and get him off this charge.
If he were to go to court and was found guilty, it would have a devastating effect on the Monarchy.
If he was found not guilty, it won't take away the thoughts that some people already have in their minds.
Throughout this saga, Prince Andrew and his legal advisers have stated that they have been offering every assistance to the US authorities in their enquiries.
In contrast, the lawyers acting for Virginia Giuffre have said that Prince Andrews et al have obstructed their enquiries at every turn.
I wonder who is telling the truth.
What's your guess ?
All Randy Andy has to do is hire the same lawyers that Randy Alec Salmond got.Salmond got off scot-free thanks to his lawyers.Salmond was charged with abusing 14 women,Windsor only one.Go for it,Andy.
13:50 my guess is Andrew is lying ! Looks like this isn't going to go away any time soon ...
Shirley ///my guess is Andrew is lying///
What about, knowing her?
He could well be, but it's still up to Ms Guiffre and her team to prove otherwise.
Bet he's sweating now.
Indeed Mozz !
Nah - he's used to being served (just in a different way).
He says he can't remember ever meeting the young lady. Early onset dementia?
His lawyers are claiming the papers weren't properly served. If that claim stands would it not seem that he is hiding behind a technicality?
Prince Andrew is a cock.


This just seems to me he had consensual sex with a girl who was over the age of consent, and now she’s seeing dollar signs.

I’m probably talking utter balls, but so are other people who are siding with her.

The only people who know are the both of them.
It's quite plausible that Andrew didn't know the girl was being trafficked/coerced to have sex with him but what is so damning is that he denies ever having met her. He should tell all.
I agree with deskdiary - and I don’t believe word she says. People who are abused don’t go back twice more.
Naomi - I agree - the big dollar signs are in her eyes.
sandy // He says he can't remember ever meeting the young lady. Early onset dementia? /// - He remembered going to the Pizza Express on 10 March whatever year? Good memory there LOL
He’s lying. The man is a complete and utter dipstick.
the one person who will know the whole heap is Ghislaine Maxwell - she's the one and only as she was the procurer
16.10 ",He's lying.The man is a complete and utter dipstick" Have to agree with you. Andrew is a liar and a dipstick.

1 to 20 of 77rss feed

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