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gulliver1 | 18:18 Sat 15th May 2021 | News
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Priti Patel has been accused of Lobbying for a PPE deal , for a Pharmaceutical Co. It will be a nice little earner for her. £20 million. in the pocket.
Simon Case has been asked to investigate the accusation .


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Bit late, ain't she?
Or is this an old story?
Question Author
£20m, thats chicken feed to what Cameron stood to gain.
Relates to lobbying in May 2020.
No wonder Labour tried so hard to outlaw lobbying when they were in charge.
no gully higher 65
cam - my fren' cam was asked about that
and basically said - "oh PM hype in a pub!"

I mean god nice moolah if you can get it!
10/10 for prime ministerial enterpreneurial spirit !
The labour MP who said
send pritti back to priuli ( where ever that is)
had a sense of humour

yeah yeah OK priuli - he not in India but you know OK for AB
Eh?What Labour MP said send Pritti back to Priuli?Nothing in the media about it.Please explain.
It was a union leader called Howard Beckett who called for her to be deported. He has since apologised.
my explanation is

Labour suspends union boss Howard Beckett after he called for Priti Patel to be deported

yeah ok some details are a bit - - - AB ish - loose

I chose er Priuli because ot the pr - priuli - priti alliteration which I fort quite literary really. You may foo
roopower's much better than mine
oh and the other one?
TTT used the word 'funny' three times in a piece about dead and splattered babies
Did he?

You sure about that?
Gully ♥ Priti
Is there anyone behind the scenes at Answerbank who can translate Peters postings before they appear on screen,because i am surely not the only one who cant make head or tail of his ramblings?
I’m waiting for someone to post that the OP is being anti-British pointing out the corruption amongst our leaders/government.
Why,Hymie.Politicians with their hands in the British peoples pockets goes back a long way.Same up here in Scotland unfortunately.
Its all getting very interesting with Sanjeev Gupta's Liberty Steel having conections with Greensill Capital, all being investigated by the serious fraud office. I bet David is peeing his pants.
Although she lobbied on behalf of this company as I understand they didn’t get the contract.The masks were considered not fit for purpose.
Question Author
Always thought the Patels were immigrants who came to the UK from Uganda in the days of Big Dada.
Now we have daughter of Immigrants , deporting Immigrants and screwing the Uk tax payer for a few million . Didnt take her long to join the Con Club.
Business acumen.

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