Nothing On Israel It Seems

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DTCwordfan | 18:46 Sat 15th May 2021 | News
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Are the Israelis justified taking out buildings when Hamas are using them to hide their missiles and even their intelligence (in the press building). To be fair on the latter, they gave warning to all to get out before they flattened the place. Isn't it cynical of Hamas to be stuffing the missiles into the cellars with ordinary residents living above them.

What's the way out as to breaking the impasse?


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You can almost see old Adolf in his cell down in hell celebrating and willing the Palestinian terrorists to kill as many Jews as they can.
Bring back Trump.
Hamas have been emboldened (and enriched) by Biden.
If Hamas was indeed "hiding" missiles and facilitating "intelligence" operations in the press buildings. How come the ever alert press sniffer hounds didn't discover what was right under their noses and report it? Or were they complicit? I think I can work this out without help from our "popular" news outlets.
100% Hamas, Hezbollah, British left wing ers all the same they use innocent people as shields, shame on them. standard left wing bow locks
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Hamas have an awful lot of form for using civilians as shields - it’s a disgusting tactic.

When a child tragically dies due Hamas putting them in harm’s way, it always big bad Israel who are portrayed as the bad guys.

You only have to look at coverage by the BBC, who have always displayed enormous bias against Israel.
// funny how the islamic . Funny Must be nice to have such support.//

eek just when I thought he was posting lucidly
children being splattered on bofe sides and it is funny
oh well - normal saturday evg on AB !
Having watched the collapse of the tower block a couple of times, all I can imagine is that it was a "controlled explosion", that is indicative of placed charges.
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Israel has a right to defend themselves.

What is the iron defence that stops the Hamas bombs?
er I wondered
but it was a missile wivva telly camera

and I imagine that wiv lots of practice you know killing people and blowing things up you can do it good

I mean - building practices in Gaza are so crap that buildings fall down by themselves a lot of them time anyway innit? - I cant think anything is cuilt to -- -- last
The "Iron Dome" is not designed to stop bombs. It is a mobile radar, instant tracking and flight path prediction system that then fires interception missiles of its own to destroy incoming missiles. Very sophisticated bit of kit. Expensive. It works.
@19.35 What the hell are you on about hun.You write absolute nonsense,i dont know if you on the side of the Jews or the Palestinian terrorists.Perhaps you can get lucid enough to explain.I wont hold my breath,however.
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Iron Dome is Patriot part II Kitchen
you can track a Hamas missile which are home made apparently !!!! Kitchen table jobbies

then having tracked, and predicted you can send a super fast missile ( "hittile" ) to intercept but the cycle has to be super quick or else the rocket whizzes past etc

The Americans said they had done it at Cu Chi Vietnam ( where the tunnels are) in an "automated battlefield" 1967 - no really and no really it didnt really work

( no really it is too early for any - - "Foo what all dat den?")

and the Brits had bullet (sniper) tracking radar in Northerm Ireland called Claribelle which seems to have no internet record at all
( no no an early Foo is forbidden)

and the Americans GAVE the israelis the Patriot system to keep it out of some Gulf conflict - Gulf I I think 2003. Iran Iraq went thro a "war of the cities" phase when they sent rockets to each other and then... sent a few to Israel. Post war - patriot didnt intercept anything and any damage done by iranian rockets were in fact falling and failing patriot missiles. Iran and Iraq casualties by contrast were at least a million on either side

This is a new recension - and see above we have no real idea if it is working at all. The arab strategy is easy - send 100 at once and it will saturate the system....

troof as TTT never ceases to say is the first casualty

( end: you may foo! )
// @19.35 What the hell are you on about hun.You write absolute nonsense,i dont know //

I have joined the club - hon
I admire you ynnafymmi for persevering with his utter drivel - I haven’t bothered reading a single post of his for at least the last five years.
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