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I agree Tora, her hatred of the English is there for people to see and comes through our tv screens like talons
10:33 Tue 17th Nov 2020
Question Author
tricky retro:
this was the question and the choices....

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

with the responses to the question to be (to be marked with a single (X)):

Remain a member of the European Union
Leave the European Union
Hard of thinking and hard losers.
If the get their independence, where will they turn when things go wrong? We are still made to feel we have a financial responsibility to prop up other countries that screamed for their indpenedence, can't see Scotland being any different.
TTT, why not just say you were wrong about Nicola Sturgeon?
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Do your own research TCL there's plenty out there but I'm not playing your semantic games. We both know you'll poo poo anything I post.
just type this into google: "nicole sturgeon hates the english" - page after page me old china, take your pick.
Slightly off topic, but I’m pretty sure I’m in a small minority of people who are of the opinion that a question of the magnitude of leaving the EU should never have been put to the public in the first place.
Question Author
DD, it's just the sort of magnitude of decision that should be put to the public.
The concept of a referendum is clear.

What isnt so clear cut are the facts relied on to form a judgment due to the duplicity of influential people on both sides of the argument.

if it affects the people long term why shouldn't it have been put to
the populace.
> If "most" voters alive, want a change, why would that be wrong?

I answered that @13:42, in response to your same question @13:30. Also, OG answered at 13:34. Just disagree if you want to, there's no need to imply that you're not being answered when at least two people have bothered to answer you directly. Change is not wrong, it's necessary; big change should require a big majority. And this is not about Brexit, that's a done deal and people will start to feel the full effects of it in a month or two. It's about Scotland.
I believe that before any consideration is given by the Government for a further referendum on Scottish Independence NS should be made to spell out what demands she would want if her vote is won. I further believe that the UK Government makes it clear to all Scots that in the event of a Yes vote all financial help will cease immediately.
'just type this into google: "nicole sturgeon hates the english" - page after page me old china, take your pick.'

I did exactly that and there were thirty-eight hits.

Twenty-nine of the hits had your phrase immediately preceded by "Jeremy Clarkson says" but even some of those appear to be fake because when I searched the page for Sturgeon or Clarkson, there was no mention of either.

Ellipsis, I said exactly that at 13:50. I didn't imply it wasn't answered, I just disagreed with the answer.
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so you want a link were she says it TCL? get real she's a politician they'll never say it's the subtleties of how they carry on, surely you are not that thick. In my opinion she hates the English and I'm not alone. What are you actually looking for?
Still a no then.
Question Author
Still a yes me old china, she demonstrates it by her actions. Find me any politician who will actually say they hate anything??
-- answer removed --
“she demonstrates it by her actions”

Ok give us an example.
"Do your own research TCL there's plenty out there"

'just type this into google: "nicole sturgeon hates the english" - page after page me old china, take your pick.'

"she demonstrates it by her actions."

"a blind man can see her seething hatred."

What has she actually said or done when she's demonstrating this seething hatred of the English?

If, as you claimed, a blind man can see it, it MUST be really obvious to you.

Do me a favour, me old wally, prove your claim or admit you're wrong.
Question Author
I'm not going to play your games, you can tell what people really think in many ways. No matter what I say you'll poo poo it.

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