Brexit Disaster Looming

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rich47 | 11:28 Sat 24th Feb 2018 | News
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Once more May's tory bunch has demonstrated complete lack of consideration for the devolution settlement. The cabinet subcommittee met at Chequers to decide the UK position for the next stage of negotiations. There was no Scottish, or Welsh representation at that crucial meeting.
The Northern Ireland secretary was there because the DUP's opinion must be respected given
they prop up May's sorry excuse for a government. God help Ireland when the Good Friday agreement is ignored to serve the interests of the Brexiteers. No one has yet explained how you can have an open border between the North and South of the Island of Ireland without either Irish unity or membership of the customs union and single market.
No fudge as employed in December will work this time. A fudge cannot be detailed in legislation.
Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland cannot be ignored.


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No one has yet confirmed we’re leaving the customs union.
//Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland cannot be ignored.\\

Oh, yes they can.
Jackdaw, you are correct - once the UK has broken up. But then all three will have the same status internationally as England and all that implies, until England reaches for the armoury (again).
//There was no Scottish, or Welsh representation at that crucial meeting.//

Yes there was it is the Government of the UK and the UK includes all those local councils.
The good Friday agreement has nothing to do with the EU.

The UK government met. The UK government discussed what they want/prefer for the UK.
Question Author
It is a pity that poor mafbog and cassa present opinions with an obvious lack of knowledge. As the saying goes "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"
Quite. And you are in possession of a little knowledge in Spades.
The border with the EU is up to the EU, we can leave as is, if the ROI get forced by their ruler to have a border that's hardly a UK issue.
The interest of the Brexiteers is the same as the interest of all the people n the UK and all the UK counties. It is to allow us to govern our own Union once more, and return the freedom to control our own trade and borders. No self-respecting nation would settle for less. Implying it is not in everyone's interest is simply propaganda.

I've explained a number of times here how one can have an open border between the North and South of the Island of Ireland without either Irish unity or membership of the customs union and single market. I suspect others may well have also.

a) The EU could opt to act like decent human beings and be the 'force for peace' they always claim to be but don't seem to act, and allow the border as an exception to their fortress wall.

Or b) Southern Ireland could tell the EU that they are not going to have a hard border just to satisfy unreasonable EU demands, and, like other EU members, will have something they don't obey.

Or c) Southern Ireland could decide maintaining peace is more valuable that being a small province in a federal EU block, and opt to leave also, and become a proud self-governing nation once more.

And I suspect there are probably a multitude of other options too.

No one is being ignored and the unfounded suggestion that they are is offensive; but it is my suspicion is that that may well have been your intent.
Question Author
Well,well Old Geezer, perhaps I am thick but how will you "take back control" of immigration with an open border between NI and EU? And
Tora it is the UK who want to stop the movement of people. How do you do that with an open border? I am simply asking for the May government to explain how they will do this. A question cannot be regarded as offensive unless you have no answer or a particularly thin skin.
same as now, the border has not changed.
Exactly TTT, but that rather wrecks the argument of those with an anti-democratic Remoaner attitude.
Eh up, the chuckle brothers are back.

Nothing to do with remoaners. Leave voters have caused the Irish border situation.
"Leave voters have caused the Irish border situation. "

Meaning no one should have voted leave ?

I see the insults have started. Best you have got?
why Blame remain voters when the Irish border situation has arisen because the GF agreement refers to the EU, which has, by virtue of the fact that we’re (allegedly) leaving the EU, resulted in this very situation?
But if you read the posts correctly no one said they caused it just they are making a mountain out of a molehill to carry out project Fear Phase 32.
No one except me, oh, and the OP. Just answer me one thing. If the leave vote hadn’t won, would we have any issue with the Irish border?
I don't understand the border arrangements have not changed both Irelands and the UK are happy, only the EU is bothered. I suggest the VB start looking to their beloved EUSSR for their plans.
It was ourselves who referenced the EU when the GF agreement was drawn up. Nothing whatsoever to do with the VB as you so condescendingly call us.

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Brexit Disaster Looming

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