Brexit Disaster Looming

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rich47 | 15:14 Sat 18th Jan 2020 | News
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I hope you have all registered the Chancellor's words on alignment. He does not seem to understand that although Japan is not in EU their products have to meet EU rules to be admitted.
Poor wee Britain will be standing alone against USA, Europe, China, India and the rest with no trade agreements. Non alignment with the rules for goods will mean no EU trade for those goods. Other trade deals will take years.
The outcome will be the UK will be crushed. You were warned.


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And from where did you glean your prophesy of doom?
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What a load of Horlicks.
Rich if you hate it so much here why don't you move to one of the many EUSSR countries over the channel? You lost get over it.
Certainly food producers are warning of higher prices by 2021.
A lot of the regulations we currently share with the EU are also international standards, as you do wonder how much of this is grandstanding. You’d have thought post-election tho the need for that would have gone.
And parliament voted to leave the EU the other day yet it barely got a mention. How quickly we lose interest in Parliament
Haha^^ He still appears to be awfully overwrought doesn't he? Don't bother your bewildered head pet, just go and have a lie down in a darkened room. (¬‿¬)
TTT - why do you keep saying people hate it here just because they voted to remain?
There'll always be people like that Ummmm, instead of being pleased with their victory as they see it and relaxing back into the brave new future they have to wander around rabidly reminding people that they lost.

In a way it's an odd form of insecurity.
ummmm it's not because they voted remain it's because they rubbish the UK at every opportunity at the same time as praising various other nations. people like the OP like to portray us as frightened minnows that are out of our depth and the only way we can survive is to be immersed within an un elected cabal of foreigners. They always denigrate our abilities and write us off. Presumably they have no knowledge of history.
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You will also find TTT that when you rightly tell them that they are talking the usual, cods, then it is you who is out of order. That is the attitude of the hive mentality anti British that got us into the mess in the first place. Keep giving it back TTT. I will. If we don't, they just assume that we all agree with them and ramp it up a bit more. Just like all the other one issue zealots, they don't know how or when to give it a rest.
I've never read any anti-British rants. I think they are all in your mind, TTT.

Disagreeing with how something is done doesn't make people anti-British.
As you are obviously a psychic could you tell me tonights Lotto numbers
You’re wasting your time ummmmm (too many ms probably)
I’d rather a few sour grapes (tho the people who use that term plainly don’t understand what it really means) then the offensive bile which has already ruined this thread
ich //offensive bile which has already ruined this thread//
Strangely, less than an hour ago on another thread I wrote this (when explaining what I though were in for in the coming year):

//I think we can all look forward to "Project Fear Mk III", as dire warnings of the pestilence, war, famine and death that will be visited upon the country unless we accede to the EU’s every demand will once again be trotted out by the usual suspects. Thankfully many of them were been consigned to the political dustbin last month.//

The beginning of my prophesy has begun. I cannot see the FT article as I am not a subscriber. However I heard what the Chancellor had to say on the news this morning as read a BBC report. We none of us knows what Mr Javid has in mind but of course we shall have to abide by EU product standards if we want to sell goods there (as - in common with all countries worldwide - they will to sell to us). But there is far more to EU regulations than trading standards. Many EU directives have nothing to do with trade at all and it may be those which he is thinking of. Whatever they are, it will be up to the UK government to determine what we agree to and what we don't and it will be up to the EU to accept or decline our conditions.

As an aside I notice the CBI is one of the doomsayers mentioned. As any fool knows, you listen to what the CBI suggests and do exactly the opposite.
To Khandro, from Aesop...

"The gallant would gladly have made a meal of them
But as he was unable to succeed, says he:
'They are unripe and only fit for green boys."
//I’d rather a few sour grapes (tho the people who use that term plainly don’t understand what it really means)//

You'd have to ask Mr Aesop. It stems from one of his "fables" and concerns a fox.
Builder //To Khandro, from Aesop...//

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Brexit Disaster Looming

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