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I agree Tora, her hatred of the English is there for people to see and comes through our tv screens like talons
10:33 Tue 17th Nov 2020
does the whole of Scotland want to be part of the EU. Does the WHOLE of Scotland want Independence, don't think so.
i personally think we should be better together.
Maggiebee, //SCOTLAND wants to break free from England. Westminster don't want it. England gets their own way?

Discuss? Certainly, maggiebee. You got that wrong. The people of Scotland were asked if they wanted to break away. They said ‘No’.
they did say NO. If asked again not sure maybe a 50/50 split.
Maggiebee compares the EU Referendum, conducted throughout the UK, with the Scottish vote for Independence, conducted solely within Scotland - so really no comparison at all. For her to achieve a valid comparison the vote for Scottish Independence should be conducted throughout the whole of the UK, as the EU Referendum was. Perhaps then she would get her wish.
It's been good for N Ireland, despite everything
The reasons why the Union was formed in the first case were:
a) to prevent the restoration of the catholic Stuarts to the Scottish throne after the death of Queen Anne
b) Scotland was bankrupt and needed English money.

Neither of those are relevant today.
Jack, whats your suggestion that Scotland go it alone. Provided no more money comes out of Westminster........
I am not anti-Union, I am merely pointing out that the Union is not as essential to England as it was when first formed. On the question of devolution I am neutral.
Naomi, you are right, there is no comparison. No matter what Scotland voted for in the EU Referendum (and they voted to remain in the EU) the population differences would always favour the much larger English vote. Maybe the answer is an independence vote for England?
// she is determined to punish Scotland for her ideology.//

for gods sake be sensible for once TTT - she wants power and wants a seat at the high table ( EU - coucnil or somethng)
Must admit I like Maggies posts on this subject which arises often, very evenly answered always
// Jack, whats your suggestion that Scotland go it alone. Provided no more money comes out of Westminster........//

no the dream option for Sturgo is - independence and freedom so long as the money pours out of London to finance it - for ever!
As an example of how it might work you may look at post-communist Czechoslovakia, which split into two independent countries, a separation known as the 'velvet' divorce.
now i could go with an Independence for England. Provided we stopped paying for the rest of the UK.
Maggiebee. //Maybe the answer is an independence vote for England? //

Why? As far as I can see just like the people of Scotland - who have been given the opportunity to have their say - the people of England have no desire to become independent.
It seems like the Scots got it right with their Referendum. "Remain " Which makes them far more intelligent than the English.
Really Naomi? England voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU and become "independent". Unfortunately they dragged the rest of us with them.
Boris believes devolution to be Tony Blair's 'biggest mistake'? I can think of one mistake Blair made that tops devolution by a country mile.
we are still the United Kingdom, and didn't many Scots vote to leave?

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