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Gawd He's Going Off Piste Now!

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ToraToraTora | 17:40 Sun 10th Dec 2023 | News
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...the disaster of devolution once more.



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Parish councillors (in fact most councillors) always get drunk on power and over estimate their influence.

This clown is no different to the previous clown in Scotland.


Question Author

Why is he even there anyway?

-- answer removed --

Another of their leaders with delusions of grandeur.

Question Author

oh dear sounds like the nasties are about !

Who have you taken down?

Cameron being an ars as usual - protocol schmotocol.

My post was in response to a now deleted post, I wasn't asking whose post had been deleted.

You really should take notice of your own Tory party atm . 

-- answer removed --

Surely Call Me Dave can't be objecting to Muslim brothers getting together for a catch-up on the progress of the Great Subjugation.

I don't understand why so much credenence is given to Scotland.

Why do we listen to them?

This is a 'country' with 10% of the population of England, but with a massive disproptionate expense.

They a wart on England's ***.

We should take pity on them and allow them to remain part of the union, but they must accept they are we doing them a favour, becauase on their own they would be well and truly fubarred. I know the professional Scots won't accept this, but it's a fact.

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get yer tin hat on DD!

Humza Yousaf...Islamist.

But it s a fact TTT. Scotland survive solely, and because of, the English.

We only have room for 10% of the people because Londoners sell their dank, damp one bed flats to other morons for exorbitant amounts then with the proceeds buy up estates in a civilised country and instantly put up 'no trespassing' signs denying natives the right to stravaig and build a wee but-and-ben in the glen.

No room left for expansion.

Unless you count Gruinard, the destination of choice of the boggle-eyed for invading boat people to be shipped to.

In conclusion, *** off Deskdiary. x

But it s a fact TTT. Scotland survive solely, and because of, the English.


Yeah, that's bizarre.

gruinard has been re-topped and is safe er for sheep

Question Author

20:35, yes but they don't seem to grasp that.

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Gawd He's Going Off Piste Now!

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