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I agree Tora, her hatred of the English is there for people to see and comes through our tv screens like talons
10:33 Tue 17th Nov 2020
Oh come on you big snowflake, stand up for yourself man.

Or just be a man and admit you have nothing.
What about if the English have a referendum saying We don't want ya ?
Question Author
if only bobs!
It's tiresome seeing the same ones bleat on about us English and our history, they want to go ,,,,,bye bye , they don't want a Sovereign they could always put a Crown on wee Nicola :0)
I have friends who lived in Wishaw, they moved back a few years ago, the actions of the husband was embarrassing, I clearly remember England playing Poland in a World Cup match , he donned a Celtic shirt and screamed for Poland to win a pub full of English that's bigotry!
Question Author
tell me about it, I was in an Edinburgh boozer in 1986 when Lineker put 3 past Poland. They all wanted Poland too win. Didn't stop me shouting though.
"In my opinion she hates the English and I'm not alone. What are you actually looking for?"

doesn't Nichola want to keep the Monarchy?
Does she? I'm not sure Emmie
yes she has said so.
That surprises me when I see the anti Monarchy
Attributes on here from certain people Emmie
Plenty of people on here and in the rest of the UK are anti monarchist bobbi, there is some suggestion from footage i have seen that she would look at the future of the Monarchy. Cheeky cow..
Oh I bet she would haha
i don't like her and never have, i think she believes her own publicity and that she is Queen of all she surveys. There are plenty of Scots who don't like her either and feel they are being pulled in the wrong direction. I would rather the Union stays intact, no splitting from the UK>
I don't particularly care either way Emmie
strangely i do. My Scottish friends over the years, and there have many included boyfriends, used to supposedly rib me about the English. Good natured of course, but after a time it became so much so that i wished they would stop. As to supporting anyone but the English in any sporting fixture, yes i have come across that time and again.
Alas. You can’t argue with stupid........
^^ and you are......:0)))))
Scotland can not gain independence if it is in the EU...just listen to Guy Verhofstadt, he will tell you that.

What do you mean?

121 to 140 of 176rss feed

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