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Fake schmooz.
Could you reprise the question?
Does her Maj do milkshakes?
well St Nige is credited by many for helping the Trumpster into the WH.
If it's in the UK isn't it Liz's stste banquet to which Trump is invited ? And if so isn't the monarch supposed to be non-political and not favour the party or politicians favouring democracy & sense (perhaps by inviting them to a banquet) ?

I would think that Nigel (and Boris and, even, Jacob RM) would be entertaining dinner guests.
Does the dinner guest that the banquet is in honour of get a dibs on who comes?

But NF is an MEP representative for the UK and is in all likelihood still likely to be when Trump comes over so there is no reason he shouldn’t be invited.

The fact it puts other people’s noses out is just icing on the cake lol
I have a veritable library of all the state visit programmes with which I attended . Without digging them out and referring to them,if memory serves me correctly, there are two banquets or maybe three.

1. The Monarchs Banquet for the guest at Buckingham Palace.
2.Return Banquet by guest at Claridges or other chosen Hotel.
3. Lord Mayor of the City of London's Banquet at Mansion House or Guildhall.

No reason why President Trump shouldn't invite Mr Farage to his return Banquet at a venue of the American Ambassadeurs suggestion.
Farage has banned CH/4 from all his events, after CH/4 reported he was Bankrollrd by Aaron Banks to the tune of £450 000, and to think some of the people are going to vote for this crook.
I shall vote for his party, it is the only chance the UK has of becoming great again.
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retrocop; Indeed, and presumably common etiquette would allow him to say whom he doesn't want to be there ?

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Nigel For The Banquet

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