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Just read it myself. Very very sad. 70 is no age at all these days. He was an absolute legend.
VE hero James Hunt got lucky (at the expense of Lauda's terrible injury) to win the F1 championship in 1976.

Rip, Herr Lauder.
Apologies: Lauda.
I’ve just been reading his history, to get back driving so quickly after what happened is quite surreal .
The word, "Hero," fits him well. Very sad.
Absolutely Theland.
Didn't I see him interviewed very recently at one of the recent Grand Prix events?

No obvious sign of disability.
He had a lung transplant 8 months ago according to the BBC.
Yes he did
Life's a bit of an asterisk filled something, isn't it?

One of my early date's with my late wife was on a night out with her young boss (in her days working in a betting shop) and his wife/partner.

Boss said while addressing my girlfriend "your new bloke reminds me of James Hunt". I replied that the difference was merely superificial: I hadn't driven a car of any sort and at any speed in two years and had almost certainly had far fewer sexual partners than Mr Hunt. (My failure rate in the latter aspect not being based on any lack of VE endeavour, you understand.)

He'll be much missed. A breath of fresh air when asked to comment on the world he lived in. Possibly the last of the straight talkers.
A legend of the sport when it was exciting to watch. RIP
RIP, watch "Rush" by Ron Howard, stunning.
I am not a F1 fan, but Mrs sqad is a fanatic and she is devastated.
RIP, a good driver in a very good car of the day, but he didn't have the panache of the greats, he consistently scored points by regularly finishing with a place without coming in first to win the championships.
Yes, the film Rush is a fascinating watch and captures Niki’s bravery very well. A true great.
Khandro; In 1975 he won 5 of the 14 races and was placed in 2 others, winning the title on 64.5 points. The year after, he attained more points (68) but could only finish 2nd. In '77, he won 3 of the 14 races he took part in (already secured title before last 2 races which he DNS) and was runner up on 6 occasions. His last title came in '84 when he retired (6) more times than he won (5) and came 2nd on 4 occasions. A tad more than "a good driver in a very good car" in an era when there were more than one or two serious rivals.
A true legend. RIP.
ken, I know the stats and I saw him live several times, we all have had our heroes and Nikki wasn't one of mine. As I said RIP and a good driver.
The races then were different, so were the cars, much more cut & thrust and the televised coverage was nothing like today's, (how did you watch him?) - F1 has all become so boring I never watch anymore.

Take no notice of what people say interviews, there was once a saying, "When the [starter's] flag drops, the bull-s h* tstops"

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